Keep on the sunny side...

 We are keeping on the sunny side around here.......
for the most part.
Anna Ruth is still battling an ear infection, and getting up multiple times a night.
Brett and I are taking care of her as best as we know how, which is including prayer first,
trips to the chiropractor, plenty of fluids, and on a good day-rest!
 Of course, as soon as my momma called to ask how we were yesterday morning my eyes immediately filled with tears. Isn't it funny how your mom's voice can do that to you in an instant?
However, Anna Ruth and I have too many fun things to do to sit around moping!
 I can't get enough of Anna Ruth in these rompers...those legs!
 She has definitely expressed a new interest in "dress-up" in the last couple of weeks. Everything gets tried on, including Dada's cowboy hat, and Mama's jewelery and headbands...
What a girls' world!
 Every day Anna Ruth helps me check the mail.
She can open and close the mail box all by herself, without me even asking her to! 
Then we come in, sit on the couch to look through the mail and "relax"...
If I ever leave my craft/sewing room door cracked even a bit,
Anna Ruth sneaks in to find bits of fabric.
So, I gave her a basket of ribbon/fabric scraps to play with and she had a blast! 
She sat and played with this for at least 15 minutes. 
A girl after my own heart. :)

Crafty DIY ideas post coming soon-stay tuned!