DIY craft happies :)

Hi everyone! Remember all those yarn pom-pom balls I mentioned from Friends Handmade Craft Day?
Well, I ended up gluing some of the pom-poms into branches from the yard, and making a bouquet to go in the vases on my dining room wall.  I love how they turned out, and the best part is they'll last! 
I'm already dreaming up a table-top centerpiece overflowing with white pom-poms for winter! 
To find out how to make your own yarn pom-poms, here are a couple of links to get you started:
*DIY yarn poofballs
 I also started a yarn-wrapped initial letter at Craft day, but ended up talking too much to finish. 
Story. of. my. life! 
So, later on in the week I finished it up at home!
This was a super easy project. I purchased the letter from Joann's (with a coupon!).
To begin the project I simply took a piece of yarn and started wrapping it from the bottom up.
I didn't use any instructions for this, but just figured it out as I went. I glued the yarn down in a few places where I felt it might come loose (around the curved edges) with hot glue.
 Once I was all done wrapping the letter with yarn it just didn't quite look like me or my style yet.
So, to finish it off I made some rolled fabric flowers and hot glued them on the bottom.
Last, I wrapped some of the same fabric in random places on the letter.
At last-pleasing to my eyes! :)


  1. i love the way both crafts turned out. very fun.


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