Cheery bits of life lately...

Put on your rose-colored glasses and take a peek at the cheery bits of our life lately, 
including: orange rolls served "fancy",
 free, uninterrupted playtime and book browsing for all (including Mama and Dada) at the library,
 weekend cruises, windows down, shrieks and smiles,
hands waving in the breeze,
 dressing up fancy in Mama's jewelery,
but adoring Dada's cowboy hat just as much..
 and reminiscing about the tiny months,
and anticipating with glee the days of dress-up,
puzzles, chase, and imaginary play to come!

Look how our girl is growing!

(*Ear infection update: Her right ear is still "pink", but less swollen than last week.  She is still making visits to the chiropractor, which I am confident is helping. She is slowly sleeping better, and getting back to her abundant personality. :) Anna Ruth is also getting at least two teeth in currently (possibly more, but her chompers don't love my fingers in her mouth!) The teething combined with the ear infection is just taking some time for her to fully recover. I am trying to be a good mama and not run her ragged, allowing her to be at home and get some rest when possible. *)