I miss teaching, and other "shocking" facts.. :)

Surprising (to everyone else but me) fact # 1:
Sometimes, I still miss teaching.  I love the classroom, love the planning, the creativity, the hub-bub of a busy, productive bunch of kiddos.  I will go back someday, when my little ones are all in school themselves. 

What people might not realize is that we are willingly (and lovingly) choosing to have me stay at home right now.  I guess you could say we're "sacrificing" by not having cable, fancy phones, shopping sprees, or buying new things for our home.  We go to the library for entertainment, I make a lot of activities for Anna Ruth.  To me, being a stay-at-home mom is worth every. single. bit. ! I know we could afford a lot more money wise if I still taught. Plus I do still like teaching after-all.... But oh the richness of our lives right now....I get to see the new things Anna Ruth does every day, not just hear about it from someone else.  I have the privilege of comforting my girl, of laughing and learning with her, every single day and not just on weekends! I absolutely wouldn't have this stage of life any other way! I adore being Anna's mama..and dream daily of Betsy Grace.  I know a joy with these two I have never experienced before!

Fact #2:
We want more than 2 kids. To everyone who has asked or "hinted"....Betsy Grace will not be our last child. 

Fact #3:
Our kids will attend public school. (You wouldn't believe how many people ask if I will home school since I am a teacher).  I admire those who home school (my own sister does!) and think it works great for some families.  I believe God puts that desire in some.  We have a different desire.

Fact #4:
God is whispering bits of dreams to me about pursuing some sort of creative endeavor in the next 8-10 years. To be continued. :)

The funny thing is-these are all normal, regular thoughts and ways of life in our home. I just keep getting asked about these particular subjects and seem to shock the world with my answers. 
Sigh... ;)