Anna Ruth's BIG girl room

 With the arrival of Betsy Grace in a few months,
we are wanting to eventually transition Anna Ruth to a room upstairs.
Our upstairs is currently like Narnia...
a whole 'nother land waiting to be discovered!
It's empty. A blank canvas, if you will.
So, I am in the midst of decorating it. :) 
Anna Ruth has long since learned to get past our "barrier" to the upstairs and goes up there often.
For now, she will have a room of her own to play in.
When she gets a bit older she'll also sleep up there and Betsy Grace will stay downstairs.
 This fabric is just dreamy. All kinds of little girl, childhood imagination dreamy. 
I couldn't love it more! I can't believe I've just now discovered the illustrator responsible for the fabric. 
Her name is Sarah Jane, and you can find her here.
I discovered I had almost $10 left in my paypal account, so I ordered a yard of this fabric, called "Children at Play" (I never, ever spend even close to this on fabric!) will go on a canvas above Anna Ruth's big girl bed.
Such a happy, happy fabric. I might even try to put some in my craft room just so I can stare at it. :)
 These are the rest of the fabrics I plan to decorate with, all from my stash, many given to me from my sister!
*Updates on the upstairs coming in the next few weeks! (or months) :) 


  1. I'm so behind on your posts!!! It's good to catch up and see what's been going on. So happy to hear Anna Ruth is feeling better. I about lost it when I saw that fabric. Because I just found that same fabric a week or so ago!!! I wanted to buy it so bad but as you said, pricey!, so I've been saving it on a wish list!! I love it. I really hope to see you soon!


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