Jaw-drop, LOL

 I have a running list of ideas to try here and there with Anna Ruth.
This particular idea was to put shaving cream and food coloring in a bag and let them mush it up.
See how engaged she is?
Hahahaha----this lasted as long as it took me to take the picture.
Absolutely no interest afterwards.
If only I had let her put her hands IN the bag...THAT she would have liked!

 We heard about a great sale on ferns at Home Depot and got some. We replaced our airplane plants on the front porch with the ferns....I knew there was a nest in one of the airplane plants and we decided to take a peek as we moved them.
This is what we saw!
I immediately got extremely soft-hearted towards these sweet little birdies..
Seriously. I almost teared up.
I made Brett hang the airplane plant back up in the original spot so the Mama Bird could find her babies.
 I'm thankful for our good rain we had today and for our low windows along one wall in the great room! So easy and fun for Anna Ruth to peer out of.
 Brett treated me to my favorite shoes. EVER.
New Teva sandals!! I had a blue pair I wore for 2 or 3 summers straight.
Almost every single day. :)
 Thanks to my sisters for keeping me up to date with kiddo stuff! 
Becca sent me a link for a free Ipad app for kids...It's called "Wee Sing ABC".
We let Anna Ruth "play" with it one night.
She LOVED IT. She was rocking her little body with the music.
My girl knows how to move. :)
Please pray for Anna Ruth.
I'm assuming she's teething, but her nose has been incredibly stopped up for 2 weeks and counting.
Today one of her eyes has been red and runny too.
I believe in the healing power of Jesus' name and in the power of prayer.
So-please pray healing for our girl! 

I've had an ultrasound for Baby 2.
Pics soon.
Funny conversation with young college guy at bank recently :
 I was getting financing for our new (to us!) Honda Pilot we bought.
So-he asks what we bought and I told him...
and said it was for my "growing family".

Conversation continues..
he asks if I already have a boy or girl, and how old are they??
I say, girl and she's 10 months.
Insert JAW-DROP and bug eyes here.
He says "You have a 10-month old AND you're expecting again?!"
Uh-huh. :)

You put a SONG in my heart!

Anna Ruth is becoming such a big girl!
I think I mentioned before that trying to get her to eat was a struggle. It still is sometimes-but I am figuring out what works. Specifically-scrambled eggs. She loves them! I don't cook them in anything, or even season them with salt or pepper. She gobbles them right up.
We got to have a lunch date at Chick-fil-a! Oh Chick-fil-a.....you treat me right when I'm pregnant.
I could seriously eat it every. single. day. It's a good thing we live far away from one! :)
Anna got her very first kid's meal! She and Ruby looked so big sitting up in their chairs. They were grunting and smiling at each other...their form of "talking" I guess.

*Note-see how it looks like this lunch went perfectly?
It didn't.
Anna Ruth cried and fussed some of the time....the people next to us stared..and I had to stand part of the time while cramming fries in my mouth-haha. :) Friends...don't assume the peeks into our life are perfect. They're not. What is perfect? Patience after a whispered prayer for "help" from God...and dear, sweet friends like Kara and Ruby who understand....
I also took Anna Ruth to Barnes and Noble to play with the train table. She much prefers to be standing these days and liked the table for a little while....until she discovered there were books on low shelves you could throw in the floor. :) Haha.
My sweet, mismatched girl. The boxes from the books I mentioned earlier this week are still sitting in the great room and Anna Ruth loves pulling up on them. She's also started pulling up on the coffee table and "walking" along it. This girl keeps me on my toes!
An absolute favorite blog of mine is Ashley Ann's, Under the Sycamore. She's not a local friend, just someone whom I read and have e-mailed once or twice. She's a mom of 4, about to be 5 because they are adopting a girl from China! She recently posted a project where you could donate $20 to her child's orphanage, and then pick a printable art print afterwards. The money was going towards buying an incubator for the little newborns there...and the art prints all had the word "Song" incorporated in them because that is the surname all the babies at the orphanage get.
Long story short (sorta)-She wanted to raise $1,400.....and $18, 657.33 was actually raised! So, there are 17 children with cleft lips that will have surgery to correct this problem...and get to heal in a home with nurturing food and care all because of the money raised.
You can read about it here: Incubator Project
Soooo--the middle print above is the one I picked!

The pretty flower embroidery I found at a thrift store for less than $2 and painted the frame red. :)
Happy Friday!

I am the Right brain...

 Sweet girl!
Anna's hair has gotten so long in the front she really needs a bow or clip.
I'm not a big bow fan, but this one I love. :)
I made her several that are very similar.
This bow is from Target.
 Beautiful things at the farm lately! Brett took some of these photos too.
Each day is a different kind of beautiful in the country.
I truly never tire of it! 
 There are also so many pretty things to use for decorating-that are free and just right outside the front door!
These are actually flowers from a blackberry bush that I cut in our ditch out front. This bouquet is on our front porch.
 After Anna Ruth gets out of the bath we always wrap her up and say "You're my little baby"... :) It's one of the very rare moments of the day she's still and just gazes up at us without trying to get away, haha. :)
Anna Ruth has also learned to drink from a straw sippy cup! I am so proud of her.
I'm always thinking of new things for Anna Ruth to explore. If you've been around her for any length of time you know how busy she is! I know every mom says that...but she is extraordinarily busy! She doesn't sit and read books or play with one thing. She climbs, explores, takes things off shelves, etc. Such a happy girl...but so, so busy. This day she enjoyed playing with a flashlight!
Here's a peek at a little project I did in our great room. The "Before" picture is of our built-in shelf, next to our fireplace. Honestly I haven't been a fan of this shelf since we've lived here. It was arranged ok..but seemed so cluttered and not cheerful or put together with the rest of the room.
So, I simply unpacked all of our books that were STILL packed up from a year ago and arranged
them by color. :)
So much better! Happy color :), and now our books are easily accessible.
With every book I put on the shelf I was thinking, "Brett must really love me..."
This sums up why. :)
I am the Right-brain, Brett the Left-brain.
And not for a second does he complain, or hold back my Right-brain ideas.
Now that's true, dedicated love.


Happy 10 months old to Anna Ruth!
Anna is so close to being one.
If I could pick only one word to describe her-I'd use Brett's word for her -
Anna is on the move literally all. day. long. If she's being held she's twisting and fidgeting her hands and feet. The only exception? The times when she's recently started to hug. 

Yesterday she was patting me on the shoulder, and hugging me. Bliss! She also gives a big "Smack" kiss that would melt the coldest of hearts. Her baby doll is something she's starting to show affection for too. :)

Anna is into everything at home....she loves to crawl from room to room in the house. We love that our house is so open and works well for that! As Brett says "We value people, not things." With that said, there's not too much that Anna can't see or touch! There are a few though-the stove, and daddy's guitar to name a couple. Anna is learning (and clearly understands) "no"....and we praise her for obeying. 

Although Anna loves exploring in the house, she really loves being outside. We love to seek out interesting things like ladybugs, caterpillars, rocks and grass. Last week curiosity killed the caterpillar, literally. Anna picked one up and squeezed it to death. :) Poor thing! 

Anna waves, "dances", and kicks to music. She jabbers and talks a lot. 
She hits  her milestones in her own time. I do think she might walk early. She likes to try to climb on things already.

Anna usually thinks she's too busy to eat. So, eating is a struggle right now. We keep trying and there are a few things she loves-specifically deer taco meat. :) 

From checking the cows in the farm truck, to swinging outside...and laughing and playing, Anna is the brightest spot in my day. I can honestly say I love getting up with her in the morning. Brett and I love being her parents. We have fun galore with her. Are there frustrating moments?
But overall, this girl is the brightest ray of sunshine I could have ever imagined! 
I love being her mama.

Princess Picnic Basket Bow Ties

Here's a peek at the picnic basket bow-tie tags I made for 
These were sparkly, colorful, and so much fun to make!
I adore her daughter's party. SO fun! :)
She also designs parties and you can take a look
I love her work! 
Jennifer is so sweet and would be great to work with
for your next party!

Confessions and Creativity

Confessions and Creativity:
1.) The moth/butterfly specimen above is freaky and gorgeous all at the same time. It's lurking on our front porch. I keep waiting on it to attack me or something! 
2.) I believe all people are creative. God made the beautiful things on earth....and He made us. I don't like it when people say they're "not creative". Can you handle an Excel spreadsheet like Picasso with a paintbrush? In my book-THAT'S creative. It takes all kinds folks.
3.) While I am overjoyed at news of baby 2 for us....my heart also goes straight to several friends waiting to get pregnant. This is a daily matter of prayer...and a lot of times, tears. 
4.) The other picture above is an order waiting to be prepared for Etsy! Someone ordered ELEVEN of my ABC books! :) 
5.) My mom's soup, a bag of mixed nuts, and one of those sugary coffee drinks have made me feel more "normal" than anything else lately.
6.) Connections can be made anywhere! Friendships work....if you really put in the effort. A sweet gal read about me on Meg's Blog, after she posted information about my shop for Craft Weekend. This gal is also from Fayetteville and wrote me on Facebook! How nice of her to take the time to write me. :)
7.) I watched more t.v. this week than ever. It gets old. FAST. I'm ready to dig into some new books and magazines.
8.) Anna is pulling up, standing, and taking steps holding onto things! 
9.) We go to the beach soon. I can't WAIT.
10.) I had a chance to make something for Parents Playground NWA in exchange for advertising and a blog write-up about my shop! Sunshine by Sara is a lot of hard, fun work. I love, love thinking of new ideas and working with people..and sewing and crafting! Lately I've been brainstorming how to get my shop advertised..I find that often all you have to do is ask. :) The opportunities are there..but they're not going to jump in your lap. 
A little gumption goes a long way :)

Get Rhythm

 Celebrating Easter this year was a delight.
The most fun one yet!
I got Brett a small Easter bucket with some candy treats.
 Living on one salary means we limit our extra spending.
We also strongly believe in paying tithe and being generous with what we have.
I believe God delights in blessing us with little things when we make sure we are givers, no matter our salary.
I ran in Target Saturday night and just happened to find this Jason Wu dress on clearance for $11.98! :)
I was thrilled and thanked God for the find :).

 We had an extraordinary service at church Sunday...celebrating the Resurrection, and the fact that we have the same power living in us RIGHT now!
Afterwards we had lunch at Janice's,
and headed to Momma and Daddy's.

 Momma and Daddy had such fun and adventures planned for the kids!
They had an Easter Egg hunt for all the kiddos..each kid gets to find their own color of egg.
Genius idea!
 A bit out of order, but this is Anna's Easter bucket from us.
A "Little People" dog and little boy..

 and a homemade color book from mama. :)

 At Momma and Daddy's Anna even had her own eggs to get! There were coins inside and she loved shaking them!
She's been waving her hands to music now too and rocking up and down with her knees.
You should see her to "Get Rhythm" by Johnny Cash. :)

 Momma and Daddy's yard is simply perfect.
 I love Brett. He got all dressed up for his girls.
 Anna Ruth is pulling up on things and standing now! 
She's into everything. All the time!
She is definitely learning to obey when we say "No".
 Brett captured this perfect shot and I just love it. Don't those eyes just melt your heart?
7 and 1/2 weeks pregnant!
I haven't even compared this shot to last time's pics....
This baby is a mover and a shaker. ALL. day. Long.
morning sickness?
All day nausea and food aversion is more like it.
I try to eat when I can ..and try to make it healthy.
Lately though whatever sounds good and doesn't upset my tummy I eat.

No pity party here though! I know the sweet, life-changing reward that comes at the end of all this.
So-bring on the pizza and cereal!
I dream of the day we'll meet our newest addition. :)

The rosy in my real life!

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