Jaw-drop, LOL

 I have a running list of ideas to try here and there with Anna Ruth.
This particular idea was to put shaving cream and food coloring in a bag and let them mush it up.
See how engaged she is?
Hahahaha----this lasted as long as it took me to take the picture.
Absolutely no interest afterwards.
If only I had let her put her hands IN the bag...THAT she would have liked!

 We heard about a great sale on ferns at Home Depot and got some. We replaced our airplane plants on the front porch with the ferns....I knew there was a nest in one of the airplane plants and we decided to take a peek as we moved them.
This is what we saw!
I immediately got extremely soft-hearted towards these sweet little birdies..
Seriously. I almost teared up.
I made Brett hang the airplane plant back up in the original spot so the Mama Bird could find her babies.
 I'm thankful for our good rain we had today and for our low windows along one wall in the great room! So easy and fun for Anna Ruth to peer out of.
 Brett treated me to my favorite shoes. EVER.
New Teva sandals!! I had a blue pair I wore for 2 or 3 summers straight.
Almost every single day. :)
 Thanks to my sisters for keeping me up to date with kiddo stuff! 
Becca sent me a link for a free Ipad app for kids...It's called "Wee Sing ABC".
We let Anna Ruth "play" with it one night.
She LOVED IT. She was rocking her little body with the music.
My girl knows how to move. :)
Please pray for Anna Ruth.
I'm assuming she's teething, but her nose has been incredibly stopped up for 2 weeks and counting.
Today one of her eyes has been red and runny too.
I believe in the healing power of Jesus' name and in the power of prayer.
So-please pray healing for our girl! 

I've had an ultrasound for Baby 2.
Pics soon.
Funny conversation with young college guy at bank recently :
 I was getting financing for our new (to us!) Honda Pilot we bought.
So-he asks what we bought and I told him...
and said it was for my "growing family".

Conversation continues..
he asks if I already have a boy or girl, and how old are they??
I say, girl and she's 10 months.
Insert JAW-DROP and bug eyes here.
He says "You have a 10-month old AND you're expecting again?!"
Uh-huh. :)


  1. Watch her eye for pinkeye! I'm sure you know that, but it is highly contagious and they can get it when they have a cold like that. Love the Teva sandals. I have a pair that I've had forever too. They are just so comfy and cute. Love that your having 2 close together. If I had an easier time pregnancy-wise and my babies didn't scream a lot, I would probably have them closer together.

  2. I can relate to the baby bird tear-up. Our rabbit had bunnies and they are so sweet I almost teared up. Something about those fragile little things and the miracle of birth.


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