You put a SONG in my heart!

Anna Ruth is becoming such a big girl!
I think I mentioned before that trying to get her to eat was a struggle. It still is sometimes-but I am figuring out what works. Specifically-scrambled eggs. She loves them! I don't cook them in anything, or even season them with salt or pepper. She gobbles them right up.
We got to have a lunch date at Chick-fil-a! Oh treat me right when I'm pregnant.
I could seriously eat it every. single. day. It's a good thing we live far away from one! :)
Anna got her very first kid's meal! She and Ruby looked so big sitting up in their chairs. They were grunting and smiling at each other...their form of "talking" I guess.

*Note-see how it looks like this lunch went perfectly?
It didn't.
Anna Ruth cried and fussed some of the time....the people next to us stared..and I had to stand part of the time while cramming fries in my mouth-haha. :) Friends...don't assume the peeks into our life are perfect. They're not. What is perfect? Patience after a whispered prayer for "help" from God...and dear, sweet friends like Kara and Ruby who understand....
I also took Anna Ruth to Barnes and Noble to play with the train table. She much prefers to be standing these days and liked the table for a little while....until she discovered there were books on low shelves you could throw in the floor. :) Haha.
My sweet, mismatched girl. The boxes from the books I mentioned earlier this week are still sitting in the great room and Anna Ruth loves pulling up on them. She's also started pulling up on the coffee table and "walking" along it. This girl keeps me on my toes!
An absolute favorite blog of mine is Ashley Ann's, Under the Sycamore. She's not a local friend, just someone whom I read and have e-mailed once or twice. She's a mom of 4, about to be 5 because they are adopting a girl from China! She recently posted a project where you could donate $20 to her child's orphanage, and then pick a printable art print afterwards. The money was going towards buying an incubator for the little newborns there...and the art prints all had the word "Song" incorporated in them because that is the surname all the babies at the orphanage get.
Long story short (sorta)-She wanted to raise $1,400.....and $18, 657.33 was actually raised! So, there are 17 children with cleft lips that will have surgery to correct this problem...and get to heal in a home with nurturing food and care all because of the money raised.
You can read about it here: Incubator Project
Soooo--the middle print above is the one I picked!

The pretty flower embroidery I found at a thrift store for less than $2 and painted the frame red. :)
Happy Friday!


  1. Thank you for sharing and for supporting the project! Your print looks so cute...and Yeah for Chick-fil-a!


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