I am the Right brain...

 Sweet girl!
Anna's hair has gotten so long in the front she really needs a bow or clip.
I'm not a big bow fan, but this one I love. :)
I made her several that are very similar.
This bow is from Target.
 Beautiful things at the farm lately! Brett took some of these photos too.
Each day is a different kind of beautiful in the country.
I truly never tire of it! 
 There are also so many pretty things to use for decorating-that are free and just right outside the front door!
These are actually flowers from a blackberry bush that I cut in our ditch out front. This bouquet is on our front porch.
 After Anna Ruth gets out of the bath we always wrap her up and say "You're my little baby"... :) It's one of the very rare moments of the day she's still and just gazes up at us without trying to get away, haha. :)
Anna Ruth has also learned to drink from a straw sippy cup! I am so proud of her.
I'm always thinking of new things for Anna Ruth to explore. If you've been around her for any length of time you know how busy she is! I know every mom says that...but she is extraordinarily busy! She doesn't sit and read books or play with one thing. She climbs, explores, takes things off shelves, etc. Such a happy girl...but so, so busy. This day she enjoyed playing with a flashlight!
Here's a peek at a little project I did in our great room. The "Before" picture is of our built-in shelf, next to our fireplace. Honestly I haven't been a fan of this shelf since we've lived here. It was arranged ok..but seemed so cluttered and not cheerful or put together with the rest of the room.
So, I simply unpacked all of our books that were STILL packed up from a year ago and arranged
them by color. :)
So much better! Happy color :), and now our books are easily accessible.
With every book I put on the shelf I was thinking, "Brett must really love me..."
This sums up why. :)
I am the Right-brain, Brett the Left-brain.
And not for a second does he complain, or hold back my Right-brain ideas.
Now that's true, dedicated love.


  1. Wanted to stop by your blog and tell you how adorably stinkin' cute that bow is in her sweet hair! <3 it and the expression on her face. HUGS :)


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