Happy 10 months old to Anna Ruth!
Anna is so close to being one.
If I could pick only one word to describe her-I'd use Brett's word for her -
Anna is on the move literally all. day. long. If she's being held she's twisting and fidgeting her hands and feet. The only exception? The times when she's recently started to hug. 

Yesterday she was patting me on the shoulder, and hugging me. Bliss! She also gives a big "Smack" kiss that would melt the coldest of hearts. Her baby doll is something she's starting to show affection for too. :)

Anna is into everything at home....she loves to crawl from room to room in the house. We love that our house is so open and works well for that! As Brett says "We value people, not things." With that said, there's not too much that Anna can't see or touch! There are a few though-the stove, and daddy's guitar to name a couple. Anna is learning (and clearly understands) "no"....and we praise her for obeying. 

Although Anna loves exploring in the house, she really loves being outside. We love to seek out interesting things like ladybugs, caterpillars, rocks and grass. Last week curiosity killed the caterpillar, literally. Anna picked one up and squeezed it to death. :) Poor thing! 

Anna waves, "dances", and kicks to music. She jabbers and talks a lot. 
She hits  her milestones in her own time. I do think she might walk early. She likes to try to climb on things already.

Anna usually thinks she's too busy to eat. So, eating is a struggle right now. We keep trying and there are a few things she loves-specifically deer taco meat. :) 

From checking the cows in the farm truck, to swinging outside...and laughing and playing, Anna is the brightest spot in my day. I can honestly say I love getting up with her in the morning. Brett and I love being her parents. We have fun galore with her. Are there frustrating moments?
But overall, this girl is the brightest ray of sunshine I could have ever imagined! 
I love being her mama.