Little One

Little one :).
I am about 10 weeks pregnant. I am feeling every second this time around. BIG time. 
I am beyond excited for Anna Ruth to have a little friend.
I watch her eyes light up, and see her interest in other kids and just know
she'll love having a little brother or sister.
I don't play into the "brothers and sisters don't get along" game.
I've seen brother/sister love in action!
I watch it all the time with my nieces and nephews....This is also due to my 
sister's consistent work at showing them HOW to love.
Life is much more busy this time around with Baby 2. Sometimes I like to quiet things around me for even just a second, and think about the moment when Little One will arrive.
After Anna Ruth I now know the indescribable power of that moment!
We should find out at the end of the summer if Little One is a boy or girl!