Easy Peasy DIY

 I made myself two headbands today.
This project was eaassssyyyy! 
Couldn't have been easier.
 The credit for this idea goes to a pretty, sweet check-out girl at Hobby Lobby!
She made her headband and after complimenting her on it, she told me how she made it.
I simply bought a two-pack of headbands, and these super cute flower embellishments in the scrapbook aisle.
Then all I had to do was hot glue the flowers on the headband and I was done!
There were LOTS of options of flowers and other embellishments on the scrapbook aisle too if the flowers aren't your thing!

 Lately after I brush Anna's hair she wants to try to do it herself.
She takes her comb and rubs it on her head. :) So cute.

 Anna Ruth seems like such a big girl lately!
She has really been enjoying her little friends at playgroup.
I am always so refreshed after being in the company of the other moms too.
What great friends!
The baby birds are alive and doing well!


  1. Verrry cute headbands!! I might even wear one like that! :) Anna Ruth is getting to be such a big girl! I love it! Our baby robins were a few weeks ahead of yours...they have left the nest already!


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