Best Friends

 This weekend I had the privilege of attending a wedding shower for one of my best friends.
 I have known Mikayla since college. She has truly been a friend that has consistently stayed in touch and hasn't let distance or busyness keep her apart! She is a teacher in Siloam Springs to a classroom of girls.
She is getting married this summer!
I absolutely couldn't be happier for her. :)
 One of her former students made her this duct tape flower pen.
So creative and sweet!
Anna Ruth and I also got to see Grandma and Papaw last week!
She did great and slept in the car on the way there AND the way back!
We had a fun time playing, eating, talking, and laughing at Anna.
She was into everything, and liked to "dance"
every time one of their many clocks sounded.

This week I'm looking forward to cooler temperatures, two new books arriving in the mail (for me!), playing with Anna Ruth (she seems so grown-up, all of a sudden), dinner guests, and working on Mother's Day surprises. :)
How about you??