Confessions and Creativity

Confessions and Creativity:
1.) The moth/butterfly specimen above is freaky and gorgeous all at the same time. It's lurking on our front porch. I keep waiting on it to attack me or something! 
2.) I believe all people are creative. God made the beautiful things on earth....and He made us. I don't like it when people say they're "not creative". Can you handle an Excel spreadsheet like Picasso with a paintbrush? In my book-THAT'S creative. It takes all kinds folks.
3.) While I am overjoyed at news of baby 2 for heart also goes straight to several friends waiting to get pregnant. This is a daily matter of prayer...and a lot of times, tears. 
4.) The other picture above is an order waiting to be prepared for Etsy! Someone ordered ELEVEN of my ABC books! :) 
5.) My mom's soup, a bag of mixed nuts, and one of those sugary coffee drinks have made me feel more "normal" than anything else lately.
6.) Connections can be made anywhere! Friendships work....if you really put in the effort. A sweet gal read about me on Meg's Blog, after she posted information about my shop for Craft Weekend. This gal is also from Fayetteville and wrote me on Facebook! How nice of her to take the time to write me. :)
7.) I watched more t.v. this week than ever. It gets old. FAST. I'm ready to dig into some new books and magazines.
8.) Anna is pulling up, standing, and taking steps holding onto things! 
9.) We go to the beach soon. I can't WAIT.
10.) I had a chance to make something for Parents Playground NWA in exchange for advertising and a blog write-up about my shop! Sunshine by Sara is a lot of hard, fun work. I love, love thinking of new ideas and working with people..and sewing and crafting! Lately I've been brainstorming how to get my shop advertised..I find that often all you have to do is ask. :) The opportunities are there..but they're not going to jump in your lap. 
A little gumption goes a long way :)


  1. Congratulations guys!!! I haven't looked at your blog or scrolled around on FB much these days NOR have I been in Harps =( to run into your dad lately! So happy for you all!!! It's a FUN CHALLENGE! Hope you feel better quickly! :D


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