Get Rhythm

 Celebrating Easter this year was a delight.
The most fun one yet!
I got Brett a small Easter bucket with some candy treats.
 Living on one salary means we limit our extra spending.
We also strongly believe in paying tithe and being generous with what we have.
I believe God delights in blessing us with little things when we make sure we are givers, no matter our salary.
I ran in Target Saturday night and just happened to find this Jason Wu dress on clearance for $11.98! :)
I was thrilled and thanked God for the find :).

 We had an extraordinary service at church Sunday...celebrating the Resurrection, and the fact that we have the same power living in us RIGHT now!
Afterwards we had lunch at Janice's,
and headed to Momma and Daddy's.

 Momma and Daddy had such fun and adventures planned for the kids!
They had an Easter Egg hunt for all the kiddos..each kid gets to find their own color of egg.
Genius idea!
 A bit out of order, but this is Anna's Easter bucket from us.
A "Little People" dog and little boy..

 and a homemade color book from mama. :)

 At Momma and Daddy's Anna even had her own eggs to get! There were coins inside and she loved shaking them!
She's been waving her hands to music now too and rocking up and down with her knees.
You should see her to "Get Rhythm" by Johnny Cash. :)

 Momma and Daddy's yard is simply perfect.
 I love Brett. He got all dressed up for his girls.
 Anna Ruth is pulling up on things and standing now! 
She's into everything. All the time!
She is definitely learning to obey when we say "No".
 Brett captured this perfect shot and I just love it. Don't those eyes just melt your heart?
7 and 1/2 weeks pregnant!
I haven't even compared this shot to last time's pics....
This baby is a mover and a shaker. ALL. day. Long.
morning sickness?
All day nausea and food aversion is more like it.
I try to eat when I can ..and try to make it healthy.
Lately though whatever sounds good and doesn't upset my tummy I eat.

No pity party here though! I know the sweet, life-changing reward that comes at the end of all this.
So-bring on the pizza and cereal!
I dream of the day we'll meet our newest addition. :)