Turtles and Treats

Anna Ruth loves to play.
Thanks everyone for being so happy for us with our news of baby 2! 
I think it's safe to say we shocked quite a few people.
I guess our family goals aren't something we've broadcasted...mostly because I don't like hearing people's negative opinions of someone else's heart.
We know we want our children close in age...(check!), 
we know we want 3 + kids.
We dream of adopting.
The rest of the details we ponder and store in our hearts..
Anna is such a funny little gal. She takes life by storm!
Brett brought this turtle home last Friday.
We wondered if she would be frightened by it once it decided to come out of hiding.
Quite the opposite! We had to keep her from swiping it right up! 
Silly girl. She even grabbed it's face.
Lately she's into "checking the cows" with mama and dada.
I let her stand on the seat in the farm truck (while holding her up of course)...we open the window and she rests her hands on the outside of the truck. She loves to talk to the cows!
 Brett took me on a date last weekend.
It was wonderful.
We went to Eureka Springs..one of our most favorite places in the world.
We had a nice lunch...and coffee treats.
We walked and admired the beautiful landscaping..
and went in their charming library too.
It was such a treat to get to have fun time with Brett.
This time of year the yard work, farm work, and regular work just pile up so quickly.
I'm thankful Brett takes time for fun too. :)


  1. Cute pictures!! I have a similar story from this week about Elise and a turtle, haha. You are looking just as cute as you can be lately!


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