My girls are getting B-I-G.

It's like I turned my back for a second, 
and my girls are big.
I mean, look at those looooong legs! When did that happen? 

Betsy Grace is all kicks and giggles, squeals and daydreams now.
Her voice is becoming her own. She's even rolling over a lot and grabbing my face! (in a sweet way)
She's big. All of a sudden. 
One night the cows came up REAL close to her and she didn't even flinch! (this is from a gal who startles when her mama laughs too loud)  She must have a little inner cow-girl too ;)
Betsy is even enjoying her food now! Hooray! 
This day she (clearly) had carrots.  I love the little expressions she gets when she experiences food for the first time.  She even started fussing at me for not getting another bite quickly enough. I'm praying she loves food as much as Anna Ruth does.

This was banana day.  (and I know the rash doesn't look good under her chin. Too much slobber and heat makes it hard to keep away....but we're following doctor's orders to try to keep it at bay)

We have now officially entered the fun season. :) 
I don't mind the first six months of a little one's life at all,
but once they turn six months how the personality shines!

{and in other news, Anna Ruth used the big girl potty all. by. herself on Sunday, May 26th!! I wasn't ready to start training her honestly, but she kept talking about it so we went for it. Apparently she was ready!}

dreamy daisies. (and other wildflower tales)

 I'm going to apologize right now for the MASSIVE amounts of daisy pictures this post contains. 
But just try to look through this post without smiling! 
I bet you can't do it. 
 We have patches on the farm that are just covered with daisies as far as the eye can see.

We're talking, daisies EVERYWHERE. It is just the dreamiest sight.
I told Brett I wanted to lay right down in the middle of them.
No, seriously I would! 

 Seeing as there was loads of mud and cow manure underfoot I decided to skip laying down and go for a quick pic instead.  Don't you worry daisies, I'll sneak back over to you soon and lay among your cheerfulness! :) 

Just a few other wildflower bouquets I picked in our yard and some pretty flowers from next door.... 
Aren't they breath-taking? 

I have the worst case of spring fever when it comes to daisy and wildflower picking. I mean, I could just roam among the flowers all day. 

{Do you enjoy wildflowers? How do you display them in your house?}

Dear farm picnic,

 Dear  farm picnic,
 You were a fantastic idea.
 I found a deep, settled kind of happy among your rows of cut hay.

 Easy to throw together, your dining style was relaxed and carefree. With little to clean-up.  That made this mama's heart sing. 

 Had I not met and married this wonderful man I would have missed out on the beauty of you. 
 Your dining style suited Anna Ruth as well.....eating her way through her dinner, hole by hole.
 Sandwiches of pumpernickel bread, horseradish, turkey, pepperjack cheese, and pickles make my mouth water to remember. 

You provided plenty of entertainment for these two, not a toy in sight.
Chip bags to chew on, fields to explore, daisies to admire.

Thank-you farm picnic for a dreamy dinner, just a few feet away from the back door.
You were right in all kinds of ways.

Your food was delicious, your mood carefree.
Until next time,
A mama who's fallen head over heels in love with the farm life

So we had a bad day. (but we turned it around)

Memorial Day weekend......a mixture of glorious highs and lows.  Silly lows-but still lows. We had a bad day in the mix.  A broken I-phone screen, Nikon camera we were told needed to be replaced, this and that.  A "bad" day.  A day where it felt like too many diapers and laundry were crowding my vision.  So, we turned that baby around.  :) 
 Brett and I got to sneak away for a coffee date after the girls went to sleep, thanks to my super sweet mother-in-law.  This was like grace handed straight to me.  Such grace.  Coffee and conversation are my love language.  They can turn the weariest of mama's around.  

 Then the next morning the girls were up super early so we dressed quickly for church and headed to The Little Bread Company.  A beautiful, creative spot.  With delicious food to boot! 

We had quiche, muffins, and "hot coffee" as our dear Anna Ruth says.  Another drop in the "Let's turn this baby around" bucket.

We came home and I napped.  I've been doing that more.  One the days where I'm real tired I don't wallow in guilt. I nap. :) And while I napped Brett fixed the camera that I was told needed to be replaced.  My hero. 
Some people claim that I'm "super-mom" (lean in a little closer and I'll tell you a secret. I'm not)
or look as if they have it all together.  Sometimes I'll see pics of other families where everyone's smiling and looking like a Hallmark commercial.  No mention of bad days. Ever.

Those aren't my people.  I appreciate a good dose of honesty.  With a healthy side of grace.  I'm thankful for grace from a handful of best friends who lean in to listen when being a mama has caught up with me.  I'm thankful for realness.  I relate to bad days.  But I long to be the kind of gal that shows how to stand strong through them and turn them right around.  (and usually I'm saying "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" over and over in the mean time)

Here's a last quote that gives power to my thoughts:

Don't be pushed by your problems.
Be led by your dreams.

I'll amen to that.
(We ended the weekend with a fantastic farm picnic. More details soon)

Hello Monday: the calm after the storm.

 Hello Monday,

 hello beauty filling the sky,
colors breath-taking.
 Hello puffy clouds,
looking like a soft blanket.

 Hello tiny peek of sunshine,
 a welcome sight after days of dark.
Hello calm after the storm,
prayers for fellow mamas who've lost babies in last week's tornadoes.

Hello rest,
knowing that God is good, no matter what.

Hello relief that the storms blew past,
and we had a neighbor's cellar to wait it out in.

Hello putting my hope in eternal things,
the earthly things can be gone so quickly. 

and holding my babies closer these days. 

Hello serious Monday post,
and reflecting on what really matters in life.

Hello looking forward to Jesus coming for His people.
Hello no more scary storms, and heartbreak.

{What are you saying hello to this week?}

Sweet spots

 Anna Ruth is really into accessorizing lately.  She's in that adorable in-between stage where I still get to pick her clothes without protest.  Each day is a new look!  I never know what she'll come up with. No matter what though, there are always piles of necklaces :).  
 The girls and I love going outside and that usually means I end up holding Betsy Grace if we're around the garden.  I don't want any snakes to get her! We've seen a few on the road this year and a tiny one in the yard.  
I remember Anna doing this same thing...getting to the age where she would smile and rub her face on mine.  I love it! 
 These are the moments where I just hold my breath and try to remember everything.  For several reasons. First, Betsy's hair is starting to fill in and I think it's just the cutest.  And Anna Ruth sometimes gets real close to Betsy and giggles at her and tries to imitate her.  She definitely loves's like she's amused by her but sometimes doesn't quite know how to react to her.  And Betsy Grace just ADORES Anna Ruth. She watches her constantly! 
 Brett bought this beautiful hanging basket home for us from Lowe's.  I think it's the prettiest mix of colors.  I could look at it all day long I think.  It looks more natural and wild to me than some other hanging baskets. 
 Anna's athletic shorts are just too cute. 
Can't get over how cute! 

 A little beauty can be found in little sweet spots in our yard,
some naturally grown and some planted by Brett. 
 Anna Ruth and I had a rare moment to cook waffles together one morning before Betsy Grace woke up.  
 Betsy Grace has tiny baby rolls, but I love them all the same. :)
The fruits of Brett's labor (and sometimes mine) are being enjoyed immensely by us! 
We love a good salad and the garden makes it even more rewarding.

{What sweet spots do you enjoy?}

The rosy in my real life!

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