Sweet spots

 Anna Ruth is really into accessorizing lately.  She's in that adorable in-between stage where I still get to pick her clothes without protest.  Each day is a new look!  I never know what she'll come up with. No matter what though, there are always piles of necklaces :).  
 The girls and I love going outside and that usually means I end up holding Betsy Grace if we're around the garden.  I don't want any snakes to get her! We've seen a few on the road this year and a tiny one in the yard.  
I remember Anna doing this same thing...getting to the age where she would smile and rub her face on mine.  I love it! 
 These are the moments where I just hold my breath and try to remember everything.  For several reasons. First, Betsy's hair is starting to fill in and I think it's just the cutest.  And Anna Ruth sometimes gets real close to Betsy and giggles at her and tries to imitate her.  She definitely loves Betsy...it's like she's amused by her but sometimes doesn't quite know how to react to her.  And Betsy Grace just ADORES Anna Ruth. She watches her constantly! 
 Brett bought this beautiful hanging basket home for us from Lowe's.  I think it's the prettiest mix of colors.  I could look at it all day long I think.  It looks more natural and wild to me than some other hanging baskets. 
 Anna's athletic shorts are just too cute. 
Can't get over how cute! 

 A little beauty can be found in little sweet spots in our yard,
some naturally grown and some planted by Brett. 
 Anna Ruth and I had a rare moment to cook waffles together one morning before Betsy Grace woke up.  
 Betsy Grace has tiny baby rolls, but I love them all the same. :)
The fruits of Brett's labor (and sometimes mine) are being enjoyed immensely by us! 
We love a good salad and the garden makes it even more rewarding.

{What sweet spots do you enjoy?}