2-minute decorating..and loving on my girls.

Our mantle has actually stayed the same for a couple of months.
If you've been around long at all then you know I start to get an itch to decorate if things have stayed the same in my house for a week (or two). I just love to look at something and see how I can make it even better or prettier.  But this mantle set-up, I adore.  (I do plan on changing out the pictures soon because one of my friends took some family pics for us!)

The burlap bunting looked a tiny bit plain, so I quickly cut some mini triangles and clipped them to the bunting with clothespins. It took about 2 minutes and added easy color! 

Betsy Grace is SUCH a mama's girl. She likes to be held close to my face and get her sweet cheeks kissed.  She has started to become a bit more active lately by kicking her legs...but she's still a pretty laid back gal.  A daydreamer..like her mama.

And the "playhouse" fun continues!  Anna Ruth loves to put sticks, grass, acorns, etc. in her bucket of water and stir it up.  She also likes scooping water out of the bucket and pouring it into the cups on her water wall (which have holes in the bottom of them for the water to drain out).  I cheered for her the first time she managed to get the water in the cups. Now she cheers herself on every time she's successful. LOL.  I love engaging in conversation with her while she's playing.  She comes up with the funniest things to say! 

A current favorite sentence she says is "Where is it?"
 "I climb the tree".

Bath time with my itty-bitty.
We love Sunday lunch with family!  This day we had my parents, Brett's mom, and my brother-in-law and his girlfriend all at my mom-in-law's house.  It was packed and fun. :) The more the merrier I say!
 Just going for a swim in the ocean, haha.

 Go, go, go Betsy Grace!!
The girls got new suits.
I couldn't resist trying them on both of them....
Now we just need to go for a real swim. 

{Have you done any super fast decorating lately? }
Who are you loving on this week?


  1. I love your mantle...it's so fun! The bunting is fabulous! Oh, and so is the pink gingham bunting! I love the new swimsuits...they are precious! I have been nursing my little one back to health this week. She got her first ear infection on Monday night accompanied by a very high fever. She just woke up feeling the best she has felt all week. Yay!!! I am loving all of my flowers in the garden this week! And I'm starting to get excited about our upcoming beach trip at the end of the month! Happy weekend!

    1. Julia-so sorry to hear about your little one's ear infection! :( Those aren't any fun at all, for mama or baby! What kinds of flowers are your favorite in the garden? Your beach trip sounds amazing :)


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