A happy hodgepodge of a post.....

I'll go ahead and apologize now.  My brain is all over the place lately! (in a good way) I'm inspired by crafty ideas for the Sunshine by Sara sale coming up at the end of June, birthdays coming up, fun times with the girls, sunshine, etc.  My photos are a happy hodgepodge the next day or two.....and my camera is still broken :( so Iphone pics are what I'm using for now.
Betsy Grace got her first cereal! And hated it! 
The next day I tried banana, but she didn't like that either. I'll keep trying ;)

(since I first worked on this post, her Nana brought some banana baby food over and she loved it! ! She was gurgling and cooing and slobbering everywhere.  She took quite a bit in her mouth and was swallowing even! So happier food pics to come :) :) 
Happy mama......
because I've been spending a lot of time in here!  This happy mess means I've been super productive in my craft room when the girls are asleep.  I'm dreaming up and making all kinds of things for the Handmade Market sale I'm hosting at the farm!  
I hope you'll come.  You can look at my Sunshine by Sara facebook page to see what's for sale 
(and put in an early order if you'd like!)
We had this colorful salad for dinner one night....
we are loving having our own lettuce, green onion, radish, and cilantro to pick right out our back door.
I think we'll start having salad as often as possible....
I promise I'll stop writing about our mini Chicago vacation soon,
but I had a few photos off Brett's phone from the trip that I loved! 
I've said several times since that trip that I'd rather live DARING and sometimes defeated, then to sit and home and try nothing at all.

Am I embarrassed for not knowing better for our trip?  That it might not go well?
No. Have I heard stories that sound strangely like "I told you so"....some. 
It could have been crazy good. You just never know! 
Do you live daring?  It's worth it you know.
We stayed at Embassy Suites and they would cook an omelet for you right in front of you! It was fabulous. I can put away the food in the morning.....since I'm still a nursing mama. 
Anna Ruth got to watch a 4-D Dora the Explorer movie at the aquarium.  Brett said she loved it!
Our curious, spunky girl checking out a neat light.

In other news, Betsy Grace rolled over a few weeks ago! (Okay, so I think it was like May 7th?! It is much harder to keep up with these tiny details with the second.  Betsy, if you're reading someday-I apologize darling! She keeps rolling over in her crib at night and getting stuck on her back. Just like a cute little turtle. :) 

{What have you done, that's daring lately?}