Gardens, girls, and goofiness

 We're official gardeners!!! (or Brett is at least)
These are some radishes from our backyard garden.  They are delicious washed, sliced, and sprinkled with salt.  Brett knows me so well he came in carrying them, saying it was a great photo opportunity.  

{My camera is currently "sick" :( so my posts will be Iphone pics for a while. }

One of the radishes was purple and Brett gave it to his mom to eat.  I think it had a pretty good bite to it. 
 Haha, I'm not sure what this is about.  I looked outside one afternoon to see this welcome message, complete with a farmer and all.  My silly husband left his mark evidently...
 I try to be a fun mom.  So lately I've been trying to think of ways to engage Anna's little imagination even more when she plays.  One day I put some water in her play kitchen sink.  It made her day!  She was pretending to wash her dishes and turn the faucet on.  

 I'm afraid I'm terribly lacking hair skills.  Thank goodness for my nice hair stylist Rachel, who can answer my hair questions when I go in!  I really don't know the correct way to fix Anna's hair but it's gotten so long that I decided it's time to teach her to sit still.  This particular day she fought me hard when I put pigtails in.  But after they were in she looked at herself and said "Oh wow!" because I carried on about how fancy and big girl they were.

Then later that day she got upset because they fell out.  Silly girl, can't make up her mind. :)
 Just a regular day, checking the cows......
little girl style.
 Betsy Grace likes checking the cows too! 

Funny Anna story: We heard a cow peeing and she said "Change the diaper"... lol. 
And then we saw a cow's bottom with poop all over it...
and she started telling me "Get the wipes". 
Hahaha,  I laughed so hard!  Poor little girl is very bothered by a mess on the cows. I tried to tell her that's just how they are made, to be messy.
 I love this barn.  It obviously serves the purpose for the cows,
but I see it as a great photo op, or strung with twinkle lights for a special dinner. Wouldn't that be fabulous?
 After rain, the creek is running! 

 My mom-in-law has the prettiest garden. I told her if it were me, I'd just sit and stare at it for hours.  What a lovely day dream spot. 
Just a regular day at Nana's. Anna chasing the cat, like always.  Betsy Grace probably desperately looking for her mama. She is SUCH a mama's girl.  And there's just something about a country porch swing.  We tried to hang one at our house, but it wouldn't ever stay in the porch.  So we just have a lot of holes from several failed attempts.  I think we might try to hang it from a tree in the yard.

What have you been up to this week? 
I'd love to hear. :)

{UPDATE: I made it easier for you to comment now! No word verification, and you shouldn't need to sign in to anything.  Make sure to leave your name in the comment so I know who you are if you are an "anonymous" commentor}


  1. You and your girl have the happiest smiles. :)


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