Dining Room: Granny Chic meets Vintage Country. (and a DIY $2 candle)

 I'm always puzzled when people ask "What's your style", regarding my home.  Huh?  I don't know if it can be nailed down into one category but I definitely know what I like and definitely have a certain look.  If I had to put it into categories then I'd say Granny Chic meets Vintage Country. 

Basically, I like found objects, old things, chippiness, a bit of a country look, fabric, and always color (and tons of it).  
Here's a peek at my dining room currently.  I just put (what felt like) a bunch of new little things here and there on one of the main walls. Looking at it now it doesn't look like so much...
maybe I can add more ;)
 Poor lighting...due to Iphone pics (wahhh!)
See, this wall doesn't look near as busy in a pic so what else could I add?
Hmmm..... :) 
The flashcards were thrifted, as well as the tiny quilt square.
The fabric canvas is a canvas I bought at a garage sale and covered with cheap fabric from Wal-Mart. Probably cost around $3 or less to make.  
 Here's the other side....
the quilt square was $3 thrifted (score!), and the neat suitcase picture is out of a magazine.
It pays to hoard magazines apparently. 
 And here's the middle of the dining room table! 
 I wanted a candle for the kitchen but didn't want to pay $5 to buy a new one. 
I am cheap ya'll!!
So, I found this one at Wal-Mart for $1.87. I think it has a Saint or something on it?! 
Not sure. Anyway, this isn't a new idea so I'm not sure who to give credit to. 
But the idea is to take your favorite fabrics (or paper would work) and hot glue over the saint. (sorry Miss Saint, you've been replaced)
 And there you have it. A much cuter candle...that took about 5 minutes to glue. 
$2 candle, 5 minute prep. Yes please.
I think these would make fabulous gifts. 
Imagine attaching a sweet handmade card along with it.
 I found these lovely items (and can't wait to go back for more!)
at a local placed called 410 Vintage.  It is located on College Avenue in Fayetteville. 
It is FABULOUS.  There were so many chippy finds and old tool boxes and globes and chalkboards, quilt squares, etc, etc, etc. And good prices! You should stop in.  
A last look! We'll see if I add anything else up by the "EAT" word. Might get too cluttered...
What do you think?
{UPDATE: I made it easier for you to comment now! No word verification, and you shouldn't need to sign in to anything.  Make sure to leave your name in the comment so I know who you are if you are an "anonymous" commentor}


  1. I think it looks great! And I love your style...fun and lots of color! You could also throw in a few small mirrors on either side of the window?? I love the bunting over each window. I cannot get enough bunting/garland in our home right now. I just totally perks up a room!

    1. Thanks for the compliment Julia! (how did your hair appt. go by the way?!)

      Mirrors are a fabulous idea...hadn't thought of that! Maybe something neat and vintage looking ;)

      I obviously can't get enough bunting either because I think almost every picture I show of our home has some in it (and I could totally put more up) :)

    2. My hair appt. went well! It's very natural looking (which was exactly what I wanted) with lowlights and soft, caramel highlights. I'm very happy with it!

      And yes, a few vintage mirrors would be fabulous!

  2. I think it is good like it is. And the style...
    Sunny-style ?
    Katrien/Belgium x

    1. Katrien-thanks for the compliment!

      How do you decorate in Belgium? (I find it fascinating you're from there and reading an Arkansas gal's blog) :)


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