Hello Monday: Mama's Day photo attempt

{UPDATE: I made it easier for you to comment now! No word verification, and you shouldn't need to sign in to anything.  Make sure to leave your name in the comment so I know who you are if you are an "anonymous" commentor}

 Did you get a Mother's Day photo, perfectly posed, kiddos all in a row this year?

I'll let you decide if we did or not. ;)
Hello sister bond:
 At least the sisters are sharing the love in this one. 
 There, that's better.
Hello happy bucket hat on Betsy's tiny little head.
Hello smiles from mama at the cuteness.
 Hello big sister,
so close to 2.  

Hello not wanting a single picture taken.
Hello polka dots (my fave) and long legs.

Hello Miss Independent,
and talking in 4-5 words sentences,
using "I" even!
Hello color,
Hello happy-
a mini vacation at home was just what I needed.

Hello middle of May,
you have been a great month so far.
Hello realistic Mama's Day photos.
Busy, busy girls,
chaos at times,
but always love and lots of it.

Hello hosting my first ever Happy Mail Exchange.
You can read about it and join here!
Only a day left to get signed up.

Hello summer heat,
you're here so suddenly!

Hello playing outside,
imaginations at work this week.

{What are you saying hello to this week?}


  1. Hello from across the ocean! I Like this blog.

    Katrien x

    1. Oh, how exciting that you're from across the ocean! Hello new friend :)
      I'll check out your lovely space as well...


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