Happy Mail Exchange (want to join?)

CLOSED for now folks.

We'll do another one soon, k?! :)

Raise your hand if you adore getting something happy in the mail?
I'll raise two hands to that! 
I am a magazine hoarder as most of you know.  Magazine days are great mail days. 
So are Amazon book days. 
What's the best though are days when I get something from a friend....
usually a thank-you card or something from my nieces/nephews. 
Christmas was wonderful-all those cards with beautiful faces coming so often! 

Let's do a Happy Mail Exchange, shall we? 
I'm never at a loss for a creative idea floating around in my head, but here's where this idea originated from.  I read a lot of blogs, on a daily basis.  Lately I've read several posts about a variety of conferences for moms/women that other people have attended.  I admit, getting to dress up and out of mom clothes, eat real food without holding a babe, girlfriend time.....
well, it all sounds fabulous!

I was talking to Brett one evening and wondered out loud at how nice it must be to get away for a day or two.....but that right now it's just not reality. And if anything I think us mama's of young babies need more encouragement than ever! (Can I get a hearty amen?!)

So, an idea was born.  We all check the mail.  It's a mundane job.  We all need inspiration/encouragement, and probably most of us don't have several hundred dollars to spend at a conference or the time to get there.  I think we should bring the party/refreshment to ourselves, right to our front door! 

Here's how it will work if you participate (and I hope you will!)

1.) Comment with your name below so I can match you with another reader randomly.

2.) E-mail me your name/address at sunshinebysara@hotmail.com

3.) Gather a bundle of treats, and mail it to the reader's name/address I email you. Please send the package within the next TWO weeks (by the end of May).

Easy :) Let's make a budget of $12 per happy mail bundle.  (that way with shipping you're not going over $15, which is plenty) 

{You could include: something handmade, stickers, notecards, candy, flashcards, journal, favorite recipes, photographs, scriptures, nail polish, lip gloss, spices, book, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!)

I'll keep comments open 'till the start of next week (probably Monday or Tuesday) so everyone has a chance to leave your name and participate.  This'll be fun :)


  1. fun I would love too! Christie Burns...I will email you right now!

  2. What a fun idea! Sign me up! Maranda Ferrell

  3. Me, me, me..... Naomi Gulledge

  4. I would LOVE to participate!! Email me at peggylynnart at gmail dot com What a wonderful idea...I adore getting and sending mail...tho I'm beginning to think few people use it anymore!

  5. LoriBeth Dearing


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