now THIS is vacation.

 If you read my post a few days ago then you already heard the sad story of our Chicago vacation.  
I must say the rest of our vacation days went above and beyond to redeem the big city days. 
We ate hot dogs and hamburgers grilled on the back deck,
 Brett built Anna Ruth a "playhouse" (no roof on it yet) that has a water wall, and will soon have a music wall!  I'll post more pictures and thoughts later.  We could have just bought a playhouse, but 1.) we're cheap (frugal sounds better) and 2.) we wanted an exercise in creativity ourselves.  How will the girls learn to be creative if they don't see us in action? 

So we gathered all kinds of bits and pieces from the yard/barn and set out to build something fun. 
And Anna Ruth is in love!  
 Imagination at work....
 Brett built the playhouse (that's what we're calling this little structure) with two pallets and made a table at Anna's height in between them.  

 And Betsy Grace and I got to do a lot of THIS in the yard.  The weather was absolutely perfect. Warm weather, blue skies, and a bit of a breeze.  
I've been spoiled the last few days of vacation. 
Country music blaring, Brett home to have conversation with whenever I please (which is often), crafting away the night hours, spoiled with Brett's cooking, laughter, wonderful weather, putting chores off, letting the dust sit for a few days in the house,
kicking back and soaking in this special time of two babies, and a rich life. 

Home, sweet home.

{I've also been brainstorming ideas for the blog.
In the next week or two I'll announce details about a HAPPY MAIL exchange between readers.
I'd love for you to participate!}


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