There goes my heart.

 Have you heard the quote about how once you have kids it's like your heart goes walking around outside your body?  Let's add that to the list of things I thought was just ridiculous, before I had kids.

Then along came Anna Ruth.  As we made our way past the hard times of me learning to have someone depend on me 24/7 I realized my heart WAS crawling, and then walking the form of Miss Anna.

Next up was Betsy Grace.  I'm gonna be honest.  Before Betsy was born I wondered how on earth I could squeeze any more baby love in my heart. I mean, I thought it was packed full with love alone for Anna Ruth....what would it fill like like to love another baby too?

 It's one of those things you just can't explain.  As soon as I met Betsy Grace I just knew...this girl had my heart too.  Those deep, dark brown eyes....her cuddly little body.  The way she raises her head WAY up and smiles from ear to ear when she wakes up.........her smell. Her tiny features. I love Betsy Grace AND Anna Ruth both deeply.  So now I can look at the both of them and say "There goes my heart".  :)
I know Mother's Day is past, but here's an idea for a special mama (of friend) in your life! 
Isn't this bowl beautiful?  It's a good thing my kitchen doesn't grow every time I see a bowl or dish I like.  I think it's just too pretty to sit inside a cabinet so I put a candle inside, with a handmade card (using washi tape and a journaling card).

If you have a mama, or mama figure in your life that lets you be their heart walking around,
thank them. :)