A list...or two..


-new holiday traditions,
like attending the Memorial Day service at the Veterans Cemetery
-doing one load of laundry a day

-to quit drinking so much coke.
-to walk 30 minutes a day
-to learn what my balance is in this stage of life
between cleaning, cooking, playing,
and doing things unique to "me", not just as mom.

-Being a stay-at-home mom means you run around in circles. A lot.
-Anna Ruth is growing up quickly.
-Crafting/decorating is something I must make time for.
Others make time for t.v.-I craft. It's relaxing in all sorts of ways.

-about being a mom who focuses on what matters.
-dreaming about creating a magical side yard with twinkle lights and candles.
-praying to not be stubborn and so stuck in my own routine and 
"plan" for my life I miss what God has for me.
-Praying to be surprised.

-Visiting a friend and her two sweet kids (one of which is the 2 week old above)
-Time checking the cows with Anna Ruth and Brett
-Netflix :) while I craft or fold laundry

To market, to market

 Yesterday we decided to go to the Fayetteville Farmer's Market on a whim.
Anna Ruth (and her dada) fell in love with this particular dog. :)
 We visited the Peace ball in front of the Town Center...where Brett and I got married.
Almost four years ago!

 I noticed a camera man in the firetruck lift and thought it was a bit extreme for our local news.
But, our local news seems to be a bit extreme at times so I quickly dismissed it.
Evidently Food Network was in town!
 Our Farmer's Market is CROWDED, big time.
Just the way I like it. :)
It's full of all kinds of people,
food and flowers,
sights and sounds.
 I picked out a gorgeous sunflower to buy..

 Anna Ruth had fun exploring in the shade and trying to escape from me. :)
 The Food Network food trucks! 
I had no idea they were filming part of a show here. 
SO cool.
Maybe others can see how neat Fayetteville is now!
 happy :)
 Anna adores her dad.
The feeling is mutual :)

Current craving?
Cold lemons.
I can bite right into them.
The more sour, the better.
(I can hear my momma's voice telling me how this isn't good for the enamel on my teeth. :) )
Something I love about living in the country is the beauty!
There are so many unique things to look at and explore.
Last week as soon as Anna Ruth went down for a morning nap I traipsed outside to get some photos of the butterflies landing on the thistles.
You'll notice I don't have any pictures.

Almost stepping on a large black snake (while in flip flops) sent my heart racing
and my feet running!

Let's have some fun: Rosy List

 When we visited the Air Museum on vacation I saw this poster and just had to have it.
:) Brett didn't ask any questions and quickly agreed.
Are you pulling for victory?
I find that such a happy thought for life.
This hangs in our entry now.
 I heart books.
BIG time.
For Mother's Day I bought myself two books, this being one of them.
If I could have any job (besides Mama-which I will gladly claim as Job #1 forever), it would be a party planner. (ok, or teacher again...or work at a library. I have a lot of dreams!)
I just love a good feast for the eyes.
This book is that.
 That's our baby!
The happy side to yesterday is that I have the nicest doctor. EVER. 
She's the same doctor that delivered Anna Ruth.
She is bubbly, sweet,and reassuring.
AND, she printed some ultrasound pics for me. :)
What a nice treat. (when I know she didn't have to do that)
 Last weekend Brett and I got to go on a date. 
It was one of my favorite ones yet.
We got iced coffees and cheese dip at Common Grounds,
and then visited the bookshop.
We browsed together,
and separately.
There's a whole new room there now devoted to decorating, christian fiction, and "chick lit".
it's like a room of Sara. 
I loved this date with Brett.
Last, but not least at all, is Anna Ruth's birthday.
I am delighted and nostalgic all at once about this birthday.
I've been working on decor.
It's a Rainbow and Ruffles party. 
Because let's face it-to me, the first birthday party is all about the parents.
Give Anna some food and room to crawl and she's happy!
Give me an excuse to exercise my creative side, 
AND celebrate that Brett and I have raised a healthy, happy baby,
and kept our marriage growing over the last year,
and the party's on. :)

Everything's fine.

That's the first thing I said to Brett when I talked to him today. 
I went in for a routine check-up for Tiny Torbett and at first Dr. Collins couldn't find the heartbeat. 
She tried and tried. Anna Ruth sat on the floor and ate a cracker. I tried to breathe slowly and calmly as she said we would just do an ultrasound real quick.
I knew from Anna Ruth it can be hard to find the little one's heartbeats..
but still.
In the waiting room doubts filled my mind.
I prayed, okay begged God, for everything to be okay.
Even though I know better.
I know that in this life, sometimes things don't go "okay" 
but that it isn't God's wrath making us learn a lesson.
It's just this life.
It's Satan..who comes to kill, steal, and destroy.
I know that my God loves me...and He quietly reminded me of the verse
"Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you."
So, I made up my mind that no matter what, I knew everything WOULD be okay.
This story has a happy ending.
Dr. Collins quickly located Tiny One all snuggled up to Mama...heartbeat going just normal.
Even for the happy endings that don't happen, my prayer lately is that people 
will embrace the love God has for them
and will know in their heart that God has good for them.
He hasn't sent trouble or pain to school them.
I remember a rather difficult time in my life where I had to step up at church and 
unexpectedly lead a group of children because of tragedy..
and I remember God saying to me "I'm sorry....You're going to learn through this,
you're going to do great through my strength...
but I'm sorry this is hard for you.
I felt my God have compassion on me.


 Something I really enjoy is taking pictures.
I like to try to look for something unique about a scene...or perhaps find a certain shape or angle to photograph.
Sometimes I get to be creative with photos,
other times my hands are full with my sweet girl so the photos are taken more quickly.
These are a few snapshots from our beach vacation that inspired me.
I hope you enjoy!

Beach Vacation-Post #2

 So one of the unique, fun things about this vacation was that we took it with the rest of our family.
My sisters and their husbands and kids came....as well as my mom and dad, a.k.a. "Granna and Poppa".

 We have six kids between us....and as Kyla kept pointing out, technically eight. :)
How special that our children will grow up with instant best friends.....
 Since becoming a mom I've realized how people can't stand to keep their opinions to themselves when it comes to children. I can't even count the number of times I've already had people comment on how close Anna Ruth and Baby 2 will be in age, or even how many children we want when asked.
 If only those people could see Anna Ruth around others!
She is SUCH a people person!
She loves to "play" with her cousins and does everything she can to try and get their attention.
When we go to restaurants or are out in public at home she grins and stares at strangers.
My girl loves others!
She will adore having siblings.
 My pen-pal! Kyla and I write letters to each other.
She sends the sweetest little cards...
and I adore her handwriting. :)

 Cutest little girl. EVER.
 Malachi let me hold him a lot...which I liked. I realllly liked it when I made his car "drive" up his tummy and he laughed and laughed...

 We spent a lot of time playing, eating, and just relaxing on the balcony!
 Poppa and a couple of his boys.....
 Our house was just a few steps from the beach!
 I'm thinking these two will be best pals in no time. Lainey likes to call her "Ruth, Ruth"... and then grin and shake her curls when she sees Anna Ruth.
We are so blessed to have family to enjoy these life-long memories with!

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