A list...or two..


-new holiday traditions,
like attending the Memorial Day service at the Veterans Cemetery
-doing one load of laundry a day

-to quit drinking so much coke.
-to walk 30 minutes a day
-to learn what my balance is in this stage of life
between cleaning, cooking, playing,
and doing things unique to "me", not just as mom.

-Being a stay-at-home mom means you run around in circles. A lot.
-Anna Ruth is growing up quickly.
-Crafting/decorating is something I must make time for.
Others make time for t.v.-I craft. It's relaxing in all sorts of ways.

-about being a mom who focuses on what matters.
-dreaming about creating a magical side yard with twinkle lights and candles.
-praying to not be stubborn and so stuck in my own routine and 
"plan" for my life I miss what God has for me.
-Praying to be surprised.

-Visiting a friend and her two sweet kids (one of which is the 2 week old above)
-Time checking the cows with Anna Ruth and Brett
-Netflix :) while I craft or fold laundry


  1. Congrats on trying to walk 30 min a day! I've been trying to exercise more too. Or at least thinking about trying to. :)

  2. Perfectly worded post! Thanks for the personal reflection which leads to encouragement for others, namely me! :)

  3. Love the pic of Anna, Brett, and the hay bale! Perfect!


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