To market, to market

 Yesterday we decided to go to the Fayetteville Farmer's Market on a whim.
Anna Ruth (and her dada) fell in love with this particular dog. :)
 We visited the Peace ball in front of the Town Center...where Brett and I got married.
Almost four years ago!

 I noticed a camera man in the firetruck lift and thought it was a bit extreme for our local news.
But, our local news seems to be a bit extreme at times so I quickly dismissed it.
Evidently Food Network was in town!
 Our Farmer's Market is CROWDED, big time.
Just the way I like it. :)
It's full of all kinds of people,
food and flowers,
sights and sounds.
 I picked out a gorgeous sunflower to buy..

 Anna Ruth had fun exploring in the shade and trying to escape from me. :)
 The Food Network food trucks! 
I had no idea they were filming part of a show here. 
SO cool.
Maybe others can see how neat Fayetteville is now!
 happy :)
 Anna adores her dad.
The feeling is mutual :)

Current craving?
Cold lemons.
I can bite right into them.
The more sour, the better.
(I can hear my momma's voice telling me how this isn't good for the enamel on my teeth. :) )
Something I love about living in the country is the beauty!
There are so many unique things to look at and explore.
Last week as soon as Anna Ruth went down for a morning nap I traipsed outside to get some photos of the butterflies landing on the thistles.
You'll notice I don't have any pictures.

Almost stepping on a large black snake (while in flip flops) sent my heart racing
and my feet running!


  1. Just found your blog and I love your phrase "choosing" to look through rose colored glasses. Been trying to make that CHOICE more often myself. (Also the pic of the sunflower & your sweet girl is so cute!) :)


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