Let's have some fun: Rosy List

 When we visited the Air Museum on vacation I saw this poster and just had to have it.
:) Brett didn't ask any questions and quickly agreed.
Are you pulling for victory?
I find that such a happy thought for life.
This hangs in our entry now.
 I heart books.
BIG time.
For Mother's Day I bought myself two books, this being one of them.
If I could have any job (besides Mama-which I will gladly claim as Job #1 forever), it would be a party planner. (ok, or teacher again...or work at a library. I have a lot of dreams!)
I just love a good feast for the eyes.
This book is that.
 That's our baby!
The happy side to yesterday is that I have the nicest doctor. EVER. 
She's the same doctor that delivered Anna Ruth.
She is bubbly, sweet,and reassuring.
AND, she printed some ultrasound pics for me. :)
What a nice treat. (when I know she didn't have to do that)
 Last weekend Brett and I got to go on a date. 
It was one of my favorite ones yet.
We got iced coffees and cheese dip at Common Grounds,
and then visited the bookshop.
We browsed together,
and separately.
There's a whole new room there now devoted to decorating, christian fiction, and "chick lit".
it's like a room of Sara. 
I loved this date with Brett.
Last, but not least at all, is Anna Ruth's birthday.
I am delighted and nostalgic all at once about this birthday.
I've been working on decor.
It's a Rainbow and Ruffles party. 
Because let's face it-to me, the first birthday party is all about the parents.
Give Anna some food and room to crawl and she's happy!
Give me an excuse to exercise my creative side, 
AND celebrate that Brett and I have raised a healthy, happy baby,
and kept our marriage growing over the last year,
and the party's on. :)