Friends, DIY, and cows :)

 We had the fun honor of hosting playgroup last week!
When Anna Ruth and I first attended when she was a wee one all of our babies laid still, or simply rolled over.
Now they are all over the place! Toys and babies galore. Such happiness :)
 A big part of our country/farm life is cows.
The cows have been hanging out in the pasture behind our house for a few days.
I spent some time capturing them last week! :)
Anna Ruth loves to check the cows with us....she"helps" Brett drive the farm truck,
and stands up with her head sticking out the window as the cows walk by.
 I made some new additions to our dining room wall....
the yellow flowers on the right! 
Want to know a secret?
They're made from napkins. :)
 Last weekend I painted Anna Ruth's spool table for her room!
Brett is going to insert dowel rods in the middle of the table so her books can stand up..
She likes pulling up on the table!
Go to Thrice the Spice for this delicious bread recipe!


  1. I know I'm a bit nutty, but I've always thought cows were ADORABLE and those brown ones are no exception! :) Also love your dining room. So bright and cheery.


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