Beach Vacation-Post #2

 So one of the unique, fun things about this vacation was that we took it with the rest of our family.
My sisters and their husbands and kids well as my mom and dad, a.k.a. "Granna and Poppa".

 We have six kids between us....and as Kyla kept pointing out, technically eight. :)
How special that our children will grow up with instant best friends.....
 Since becoming a mom I've realized how people can't stand to keep their opinions to themselves when it comes to children. I can't even count the number of times I've already had people comment on how close Anna Ruth and Baby 2 will be in age, or even how many children we want when asked.
 If only those people could see Anna Ruth around others!
She is SUCH a people person!
She loves to "play" with her cousins and does everything she can to try and get their attention.
When we go to restaurants or are out in public at home she grins and stares at strangers.
My girl loves others!
She will adore having siblings.
 My pen-pal! Kyla and I write letters to each other.
She sends the sweetest little cards...
and I adore her handwriting. :)

 Cutest little girl. EVER.
 Malachi let me hold him a lot...which I liked. I realllly liked it when I made his car "drive" up his tummy and he laughed and laughed...

 We spent a lot of time playing, eating, and just relaxing on the balcony!
 Poppa and a couple of his boys.....
 Our house was just a few steps from the beach!
 I'm thinking these two will be best pals in no time. Lainey likes to call her "Ruth, Ruth"... and then grin and shake her curls when she sees Anna Ruth.
We are so blessed to have family to enjoy these life-long memories with!