Beach Vacation-Part 1

 We are back from our first ever family vacation to Gulf Shores! :) We traveled with just our family, but met my sisters and their my mom and dad once we arrived. We all stayed in a house together!
We drove the whole way there straight through.
Anna Ruth did so well!
The picture above is her first time to see the ocean.
 Our beautiful beach baby..

 Brett, Anna Ruth, and I arrived at Gulf Shores about a day earlier than everyone else.
The weather was very cloudy and windy...with a red flag so no one was allowed in the water.
It was fine with us though and we went for a beach walk.

 Something else our family did was go to the Pensacola Aviation Museum.
It was such a neat experience!
For those not aware, Brett's dad used to fly Corsairs.
This museum happened to have one so we set out to see it.
I admit-I teared up to see what my father-in-law used to fly.
We miss him greatly, still. Especially now that we have Anna Ruth.
 Each morning Brett, Anna Ruth, Poppa (my dad), and I would sit on the deck overlooking the beach. We loved this time of day.

 The Corsair!
 Anna Ruth got her first piece of bacon..and loved it :).
 12 weeks pregnant!
(and still feeling yucky almost all the time.....prayers would be appreciated please)

 We made it! This was after driving allllll night long...
 Anna Ruth just clung to Brett on our first beach walk...the loud crash of the waves made her want "Dada".

 Anna Ruth got in the water with Brett and played with her beach toys on the towel. She loved going for beach walks and would cuddle on our shoulders. She even went out in the raft boat with me in the ocean!
She also went in the swimming pool for the first time in her floaty and liked it. :)
 Yummy! This was our breakfast by the beach after driving all night.
 Brett brought me flowers and a card for Mother's Day..
such a sweet husband.

We had so much fun on this vacation!
Anna Ruth did very well on the car ride...
and most of all it was so special for the three of us to get quality time together.
Anna Ruth has developed quite the personality and I am so thankful we had this vacation with just the three of us before Baby 2 arrives.
*More cousin and beach inspiration pics in a later post!


  1. Hooray!! I've been waiting and waiting for a beach update! Looks like you had an amazing time with your fam. Can't wait to see more pics!


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