Healed HEART :)

 When Anna Ruth was a day or so old, the doctors told us she had several heart murmurs/possible problems.
We had everyone pray, and had her checked out at 2 months. They were still detecting 3 slight problems and said if it wasn't better by a year they would need to do some type of surgery.

 I took her to AR Children's Clinic in Lowell this week and was told my girl has a "Boring, normal heart."
She is healed!! :)
This was music to my ears.
 I can't even begin to describe the details of the supposed "problems". (the poor dr. tried to explain it to me after we'd been there about 2 and 1/2 hours....needless to say I didn't follow him real well).
What I DO know is that through the healing power of Jesus...and through the prayers of so many,
Anna Ruth won't ever have to go back for more appointments!
She had some fun in the laundry basket this week too!
*We were at the clinic for 3 and 1/2 hours...with me holding Anna Ruth down for the last 30 while she screamed so they could finish. It was heartbreaking and awful.
I could have easily had help from family if I had asked.
Some might not have family to help....
Some people in the clinic have to go to these appointments a lot. 
And do the waiting and the pricks and pokes often.
let's remember to pray and love on them extra!


  1. Anna Ruth is such a joy! Praise the Lord for a healthy child :) Rejoicing with you, friend!

  2. So proud for this wonderful news of a healthy heart! Hooray.


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