Fall Schedule for Photography Retreats and Photo Shoots!

Hi friends! How are you?  I mean, really?
Life here is busting at the seams, but in the best way possible. What fun we're having!  I must say I appreciate the days at home, just my girls and I, as much as the ones running about town.  Summer has been good to us. 
The photos in this post are from a 10-year vow renewal I have the honor of styling and decorating! Between sewing yards and yards of bunting, to painting hashtag signs and styling a photo booth, I have had the most fun working on this!  The renewal is this weekend and I can't wait to put my vision to life!

With that said, I want to go ahead and share what's next for the fall, as far as The Rosy Life schedule goes. I've been praying about my fall commitments for quite some time and have a schedule that I'm confident serves you, as well as my family, very well.  I'm so excited to share what's in store for the fall!

I'm thrilled to be announcing two types of Rosy Life events for the fall.
I will be hosting/teaching two Photography Retreats as well as doing a limited number of lifestyle photography shoots in local homes.
Starting with the lifestyle shoots, if you look under the "Photography FAQ" page above or have hung around my blog for any time at all, you know that real-life photography is my thing.  There is certainly a time and a place for posed photos.   But the photos that get my heart beating loudly and bring all the feelings to mind are the everyday, real life photos of my family and home.  The legos on the floor can tell a story if we let them.  The quick moment where your hand touched your husbands, a smile passing between you, is precious.  It's love in real life.  The sleepy eyes of your kiddos, wild hair and all, are worth remembering.

  I've done some shoots on the farm for families before and what an honor it has been!  But if I can capture the rosy in the routine in your own home, your everyday beautiful life that is happening all around you, what an even greater privilege that would be.  To write the story of your life, as it is right now, in pictures.
I will be offering a very limited number of these sessions this fall, taking place either early on a Saturday morning or during the Sunday evening hours.  Sessions are two hours long.

For more information or to reserve your spot, email sunshinebysara@hotmail.com

I will also be teaching two Photography Retreats this fall!
One will take place on my farm and one at Withrow Springs State Park.

With both retreats we will learn together about capturing emotion in your photos, lighting, depth and perception, favorite sources of inspiration, what to do with all your photos, and the use of props.
I will also share my favorite editing tips and programs.  I will take you through the Photography Rosy Retreat book I wrote at both retreats also!
All camera types and skill levels welcome. ALL! This means phone cameras, digital cameras, beginners, and beyond.

The farm retreat will give you more practice with capturing kids.  In addition to our learning, use of props, and free time on the farm, we will capture and click away as my children play freely in the open pasture.
Withrow Springs will include a few crafts as well as photography instruction, with plenty of time to capture the natural world on the many trails and at the beautiful War Eagle Creek!

With both retreats you'll be sure to make new friends, rest, feel inspired, be served lunch and snacks, have your questions answered, learn, and have a day to relax and have fun!

I am so genuinely excited to learn more about each of you and your stories this fall. 
I look forward to meeting you and capturing your beautiful rosy in the routine, 
as well as teaching you how to do the same. 

Monday morning coffee.

Good Monday morning to you.  It feels like a morning to rally 'round the coffee cups and prayers and bible stories, yes? 
We went to bed last night listening to the bible being read and I woke up this morning with a few minutes of stillness and smallness.  I think I heard more in those five minutes than all the other sounds put together my ears will take in today.  The earth is humming with the sound and love and hope of Jesus.  Or at least that's what the bugs and birds seemed to be chorusing this morning.  

I want to quickly tell you about a few things on my mind this week. 
First, have you heard of the book Simply Tuesday?  I know, Monday is rolling her eyes at the mention of Tuesday when she hasn't even had a chance to shine.  But all the days need to sit up and take note of what Emily P. Freeman has written about.  I certainly have.  She has tackled one of my biggest struggles of late...the hustle and dream bigger and work harder message.  I'm all for working hard and lassoing our dreams down from the sky and actually doing something with them. But there's a phrase she mentions that sums up what her book will be about-"Celebrate your smallness."  What about the simple trips to the grocery store, making the coffee just one more time for the ones you love, reading the stack of library books again....out loud and with enthusiastic voices.  

Small? Maybe. 
But there's something huge actually happening in those small moments. 
Emily's book is coming out next month and I've already pre-ordered. 
As always, no affiliate links here, just something I thought you might benefit from too. 
Second, my shop is still having a major sale through the end of the week!  Almost all 8x10 art prints are marked half-off, making them only $9.  All other items (like my new series, originals, postcards, necklaces, etc.) are 25% off with code SUPERSUMMERSALE25 at check-out! 
And now a few favorite links: 
This was one of my favorite things/ideas I've read in a long, long time.  It has me wondering how to set up a mail exchange between the younger and older generations....for those of us at home without a group like this around.  What do you think? 

Favorite food blog ever and she has a cookbook coming out in the fall! 

One of the best movies I've seen in such a long time. 
And last, I'll be suiting up with my brave armor and posting some announcements this week about my fall Photography retreats and a few lifestyle sessions I'll be offering for local families.  
I'd love for you to stay tuned. :)

Thanks for the visit this morning friends! 
You have everything you need through Christ today. 

super summer SALE!

Mornin' friends! 
Happy Friday! 

A couple of things for your Friday: I wanted to let you know about the super summer SALE I'm having in my Etsy shop for the next week.  First, all 8x10 prints, excluding my new series, are HALF OFF! That means $9 for a Rosy Life art print! You can't beat that.  These are easily marked with "Sale" in the title and prices are already marked down!)

Second, all other items in the shop (the new series!) is 25% off, using code SUPERSUMMERSALE25 at checkout! 

Also, I hope you'll take a peek around the blog! I finally got the pages up above finished and they are spilling over with photos and a bit of my heart.  Enjoy!

Time is where it's at.

Good morning! 
I want to share a quick lesson that I've slowly been learning lately. 
Time is where it's at.
When my girls were younger and life was a lot less busy and a lot more quiet I had plenty of time to plan all types of Pinterest activities and fun learning games. 

We still do that some because despite other opinions on Pinterest, I love it!  Surfing through there doesn't overwhelm me, it's like a mini vacation in my mind.  But remember, I'm kind of an idea hoarder too, so take that for what it's worth.   Anyhow, as life has sped up I've found myself noticing two things. 
1.) Even when spending quality time with my girls with no distractions, almost every time I have a quick second where I feel like I should be doing something "better" with them.  Like something more engaging, planned, etc. 

2.) The moments where we're simply together and the girls have ample opportunities to let their brains and spirits shine are always, always my favorite memories when I look back. 
Isn't that funny?  Those two thoughts really don't go hand in hand.  Since love always wins, you can guess which thing matters the most to me.  Time is truly where it's at. 
I've learned lately that it's certainly ok to have more structured playtimes with the girls, but not necessary all the time. 
By providing them with situations where they are free to be kids, they have fun and I can get to the heart of the matter-their souls, spirits, personalities, and brains. 

For example, this particular day I let the girls use "Mama's good art stuff".  We spread it out all over the table, popcorn snacks close by.  I watched in awe as Betsy Grace concentrated with the glue bottle and paper in hand, to make a beautiful collage! Anna Ruth worked diligently on some thank-you cards for her birthday. I was able to really talk with the girls and just be with them.  
Sometimes I find it's easier to allow for these opportunities when we change up our norm, like taking our playtime down to the farm one morning.  That way the dirty house and chores weren't staring me down, just daring me to get back up.

The pictures of these girls boots make me tear up.....so many memories packed into those boots.

Our friends, family, and community are all aching for connection. 
They just need the time with you, my friend.  Time to laugh or question, cry or quilt.  Time to simply be together and connect beyond the "Hello" and "How are you's?"

Time is where it's at. 

We are a camping family. (pop-up style)

 Friends, we went on another camping trip this past weekend and let me tell you, it was our best yet.
The destination this time around was Withrow Springs State Park.  Our company?  My twin sis and her family.  It couldn't have been better!

 I told Brett that camping has been one of my life's greatest surprises.  I had no idea how much it would suit me and how I would look forward to each and every trip.  I really, really love camping with my family.  The morning light and smoke from the breakfast campfire…..a hot cup of coffee in hand are just a couple of the reasons.  
 We camp a bit more spoiled than I suppose is necessary since we have a pop-up camper.  I've noticed a lot of people tend to spend a lot of time in their actual campers at the campsite. We typically don't.  The camper is reserved for a dressing room and night-time sleep.  We tried afternoon naps in here one day and it just didn't work.  My Betsy wanted to play, play, play!  But at night, the girls really do pretty well sleeping.  

 This sight was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.  There was early morning fog lying low over the trout pond.  It was mysterious and enchanting looking all at the same time.  

 With each camping trip, we typically eat breakfast and then head out to find some water to play in, whether that be the river or a creek!  This particular trip we went to War Eagle Creek to play.  I picked up shell after shell, heart rock after heart rock. 

This tiny shell with a heart cut-out especially delighted me.  God's love letter to me for the day. 
 We also had the canoes with us and the dads gave the kiddos short rides down the creek, which was flowing at a really fun pace!  Seth and Brett taught the kids how to swim with the flow of the creek.  Between all of the adults and the kids' life jackets, everyone swam and had so much fun!

 Oh!  And we can't forget the large pile of sand! This kept everyone entertained for hours, especially the toddler kiddos.

 {so sweet}

 Meet Buck, my sister's dog! 
We are wanting to train Bouncy to be on a leash and go in a kennel some so that she can come with us too.  We were really missing her this day because she loves getting in the farm ponds and would have loved this water too!

 This little moment was so sweet.  Betsy is a lot more cautious in the water than Anna is but has been getting braver and braver.  She rode around on her Daddy's back and just grinned and giggled.  Precious..

 We stumbled across this building and my first thought was "Sara, rent this and do a Photography/Rosy retreat!"  

So that's just what I'm going to do.  
Stay tuned for details!

 One of my most favorite things about camping is that the kids get to be kids.  Between my sister and I we have five children so there are certainly moments with plenty of disciplining happening.  But that's real life anywhere with kiddos!  I love that the kids can roam, explore, ask questions, laugh, appreciate, notice, and use their imaginations in nature to have fun.  
 We included a trip to the park playground too where I conquered the monkey bars.  
I also packed a Paw Patrol movie and art activity for the kids while waiting on dinner.  
We usually rise earlier and stay up later when camping and then everyone goes to sleep at the same time in the camper.  This means late for the girls and early for us.  We like it though, an early bedtime feels like a treat! 
Do you camp? 
Have any questions for me about our camping trips with toddlers?
Ask away! 
(I'm already dreaming of our next trip!)

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