Monday morning coffee.

Good Monday morning to you.  It feels like a morning to rally 'round the coffee cups and prayers and bible stories, yes? 
We went to bed last night listening to the bible being read and I woke up this morning with a few minutes of stillness and smallness.  I think I heard more in those five minutes than all the other sounds put together my ears will take in today.  The earth is humming with the sound and love and hope of Jesus.  Or at least that's what the bugs and birds seemed to be chorusing this morning.  

I want to quickly tell you about a few things on my mind this week. 
First, have you heard of the book Simply Tuesday?  I know, Monday is rolling her eyes at the mention of Tuesday when she hasn't even had a chance to shine.  But all the days need to sit up and take note of what Emily P. Freeman has written about.  I certainly have.  She has tackled one of my biggest struggles of late...the hustle and dream bigger and work harder message.  I'm all for working hard and lassoing our dreams down from the sky and actually doing something with them. But there's a phrase she mentions that sums up what her book will be about-"Celebrate your smallness."  What about the simple trips to the grocery store, making the coffee just one more time for the ones you love, reading the stack of library books again....out loud and with enthusiastic voices.  

Small? Maybe. 
But there's something huge actually happening in those small moments. 
Emily's book is coming out next month and I've already pre-ordered. 
As always, no affiliate links here, just something I thought you might benefit from too. 
Second, my shop is still having a major sale through the end of the week!  Almost all 8x10 art prints are marked half-off, making them only $9.  All other items (like my new series, originals, postcards, necklaces, etc.) are 25% off with code SUPERSUMMERSALE25 at check-out! 
And now a few favorite links: 
This was one of my favorite things/ideas I've read in a long, long time.  It has me wondering how to set up a mail exchange between the younger and older generations....for those of us at home without a group like this around.  What do you think? 

Favorite food blog ever and she has a cookbook coming out in the fall! 

One of the best movies I've seen in such a long time. 
And last, I'll be suiting up with my brave armor and posting some announcements this week about my fall Photography retreats and a few lifestyle sessions I'll be offering for local families.  
I'd love for you to stay tuned. :)

Thanks for the visit this morning friends! 
You have everything you need through Christ today. 


  1. Happy Monday to you too Sara,

    Those times when the birds wake me up and I listen to the quiet of the morning are my all time favorites. I am going to have to check out your book suggestion above. It sounds like a great read! Thank you for sharing your links and inspiration. I hope you have a great day!

    1. Good morning Susan! I'm glad to hear you enjoy the birds too. They always make me feel like I can start the day encouraged :)

  2. For us it's been a big working together sort of a day, we had lots of adventures last week and the house shows it! But the nest is tidier now ready to snuggle down tonight. And I love love love the idea of a mail exchange - what lucky girls to have such an amazing group to go to and it would be fun to build that by post!

    1. Hi Carie! We are needing a day to nest together today…..wish me luck that I can get my toddler gals on board :) And I will give the mail idea some thought!

  3. As Always, you are a blessing!


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