Time is where it's at.

Good morning! 
I want to share a quick lesson that I've slowly been learning lately. 
Time is where it's at.
When my girls were younger and life was a lot less busy and a lot more quiet I had plenty of time to plan all types of Pinterest activities and fun learning games. 

We still do that some because despite other opinions on Pinterest, I love it!  Surfing through there doesn't overwhelm me, it's like a mini vacation in my mind.  But remember, I'm kind of an idea hoarder too, so take that for what it's worth.   Anyhow, as life has sped up I've found myself noticing two things. 
1.) Even when spending quality time with my girls with no distractions, almost every time I have a quick second where I feel like I should be doing something "better" with them.  Like something more engaging, planned, etc. 

2.) The moments where we're simply together and the girls have ample opportunities to let their brains and spirits shine are always, always my favorite memories when I look back. 
Isn't that funny?  Those two thoughts really don't go hand in hand.  Since love always wins, you can guess which thing matters the most to me.  Time is truly where it's at. 
I've learned lately that it's certainly ok to have more structured playtimes with the girls, but not necessary all the time. 
By providing them with situations where they are free to be kids, they have fun and I can get to the heart of the matter-their souls, spirits, personalities, and brains. 

For example, this particular day I let the girls use "Mama's good art stuff".  We spread it out all over the table, popcorn snacks close by.  I watched in awe as Betsy Grace concentrated with the glue bottle and paper in hand, to make a beautiful collage! Anna Ruth worked diligently on some thank-you cards for her birthday. I was able to really talk with the girls and just be with them.  
Sometimes I find it's easier to allow for these opportunities when we change up our norm, like taking our playtime down to the farm one morning.  That way the dirty house and chores weren't staring me down, just daring me to get back up.

The pictures of these girls boots make me tear up.....so many memories packed into those boots.

Our friends, family, and community are all aching for connection. 
They just need the time with you, my friend.  Time to laugh or question, cry or quilt.  Time to simply be together and connect beyond the "Hello" and "How are you's?"

Time is where it's at. 


  1. That's so true Sara. I wish I had been more aware of the importance of time with my children when they were young. They are grown now with children of their own and I am so grateful to have a second chance of time with my grandchildren. But I don't beat myself up about it. I had twin boys when I was 21 and also a disability due to polio which made walking difficult so looking back I did ok. Then my daughter arrived 13 years later and I was able to be much more present with her. And now my beautiful grandchildren are getting the benefit of the wisdom of hindsight. You are so blessed to have that wisdom while your children are young.

    1. Val, thank-you so much for sharing your incredible story. You have encouraged me to keep spending quality time with my little ones!


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