We are a camping family. (pop-up style)

 Friends, we went on another camping trip this past weekend and let me tell you, it was our best yet.
The destination this time around was Withrow Springs State Park.  Our company?  My twin sis and her family.  It couldn't have been better!

 I told Brett that camping has been one of my life's greatest surprises.  I had no idea how much it would suit me and how I would look forward to each and every trip.  I really, really love camping with my family.  The morning light and smoke from the breakfast campfire…..a hot cup of coffee in hand are just a couple of the reasons.  
 We camp a bit more spoiled than I suppose is necessary since we have a pop-up camper.  I've noticed a lot of people tend to spend a lot of time in their actual campers at the campsite. We typically don't.  The camper is reserved for a dressing room and night-time sleep.  We tried afternoon naps in here one day and it just didn't work.  My Betsy wanted to play, play, play!  But at night, the girls really do pretty well sleeping.  

 This sight was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.  There was early morning fog lying low over the trout pond.  It was mysterious and enchanting looking all at the same time.  

 With each camping trip, we typically eat breakfast and then head out to find some water to play in, whether that be the river or a creek!  This particular trip we went to War Eagle Creek to play.  I picked up shell after shell, heart rock after heart rock. 

This tiny shell with a heart cut-out especially delighted me.  God's love letter to me for the day. 
 We also had the canoes with us and the dads gave the kiddos short rides down the creek, which was flowing at a really fun pace!  Seth and Brett taught the kids how to swim with the flow of the creek.  Between all of the adults and the kids' life jackets, everyone swam and had so much fun!

 Oh!  And we can't forget the large pile of sand! This kept everyone entertained for hours, especially the toddler kiddos.

 {so sweet}

 Meet Buck, my sister's dog! 
We are wanting to train Bouncy to be on a leash and go in a kennel some so that she can come with us too.  We were really missing her this day because she loves getting in the farm ponds and would have loved this water too!

 This little moment was so sweet.  Betsy is a lot more cautious in the water than Anna is but has been getting braver and braver.  She rode around on her Daddy's back and just grinned and giggled.  Precious..

 We stumbled across this building and my first thought was "Sara, rent this and do a Photography/Rosy retreat!"  

So that's just what I'm going to do.  
Stay tuned for details!

 One of my most favorite things about camping is that the kids get to be kids.  Between my sister and I we have five children so there are certainly moments with plenty of disciplining happening.  But that's real life anywhere with kiddos!  I love that the kids can roam, explore, ask questions, laugh, appreciate, notice, and use their imaginations in nature to have fun.  
 We included a trip to the park playground too where I conquered the monkey bars.  
I also packed a Paw Patrol movie and art activity for the kids while waiting on dinner.  
We usually rise earlier and stay up later when camping and then everyone goes to sleep at the same time in the camper.  This means late for the girls and early for us.  We like it though, an early bedtime feels like a treat! 
Do you camp? 
Have any questions for me about our camping trips with toddlers?
Ask away! 
(I'm already dreaming of our next trip!)


  1. Love this post Sara :) looks like you had a really lovely time.
    Exciting about the new venue for your retreats. I wish you the best of luck!

  2. We live in an RV, so campgrounds are a part of our lives. We first camped out in a pup tent but over the years our creature comforts dictated that we got bigger and better units.

    1. Hi Linda! How do you like living in an RV? Sounds like an adventure! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! It's wonderful to see the children being able to explore what nature has to offer them. I love the simplicity of camping, especially being able to explore the off-beaten tracks. My children relax, away from their gadgets, and as you say they do get to be kids, and we connect better as a family on such trips.

    Andrea Wilkins @ Get Away Outdoors


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