A garden update. And feeling beautiful.

One thing I haven't had the time to reflect on or blog about much has been our garden.  We built our first garden a few years back, when both girls were tiny.  And really by "we" I mean "he"...my husband.  Over the last few years as the girls have grown older I've been able to kick my helping up a notch or two.  That has never been more true than this year. 
You all know I started the summer off realizing I needed to do a bit better in the health area.  But rather than jump on the awful "dread mill" as I heard it called, I've been getting my workout time in while working in the garden.  It's like cheap therapy and a gym all in one. 

This particular day I had wrapped up about a three hour garden session. I was the dirtiest I think I've ever been and completely worn out.  Yet my first thought was "I feel really beautiful in this moment."  Isn't that a hysterical thing to think, so dirty and messy?  I think so but it was true.  I don't often think that about myself.  Not because my confidence is low, just because I simply have too many other important things and people to think about besides my own appearance.  But something about being strong enough to work that hard and that long made any insecurities or demons of darkness about my appearance flee.  Completely flee. 

Of course this got me thinking of you all! 

I wonder when the last time was that you felt really beautiful?  
I'd love to hear. 

Speaking of beautiful, this is the view right behind our garden.  We have a pasture back there that Brett lets grow wild and free and it makes me ridiculously happy.  I like to sneak through the fence and get pictures sometimes.  

In the actual garden is where the real growth is!  Although certain plants and veggies have disappointed this year (perhaps too much rain?) the tomatoes have brought their A-game.  We have enough to can already! 

I must say this makes me want fried green tomatoes. 
Have you ever had those? I hadn't until last year and oh my word, they are good. So good. 

This view might look alarmingly empty to most but I'm particularly proud of it.  I've been working hard to clear out all the weeds and boy are they a sneaky bunch!  I've also tried to stay up with pulling old things to make room for the new.
Of course, Bouncy and our cat "Catty" are the best company to have around in the garden. 
This is half of our family garden! 
There is something so satisfying about the whole gardening process.  This year I've learned to plant things, keep the garden maintained, and how to properly pick and preserve the produce as well. 

This is my art in motion for most of my art time has gone to this plot of land. 
I feel God here though. 
Gardening and God definitely go hand in hand in our world. 

Do you garden? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts. 


  1. I think this is the first year that I can say that I've actually gardened and grown something - everything previously has been mostly accidental! And I love that it makes you feel (and look) beautiful. I certainly love gardening a LOT more than the gym, I wonder if it's because it's real meaningful work not just hopping up and down for the sake of it!

    1. Your comment made my day, about the "not hopping up and down for the sake of it." Lol. :) :) Isn't gardening wonderful? What all have you grown?


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