Art Journal #3: Prepping to start.

Over the last year I'm happy to say I've created two art journals. 
I love that. 
This blog is so much a story-teller for me. But there are some things you just need paper and glue and paint and washi tape to tell.  It's the same reason I need pages to fold over when I'm reading a book.  I need to touch and feel and experience a journal and book, beyond the computer screen.  

My first journal I started and finished last February was a Smash journal.  I think those are a great starting point for art journaling because the pages are already decorated somewhat.  You can get as creative or quick as you'd like.  You can google "Smash journal" or an even better option, search on Pinterest to see what kind of journal this is.  The options are endless with a Smash journal and there are some really neat examples out there! 

The second journal I created was more of an art journal, meaning I made the pages myself and got a bit more expressive with paint, phrases, my words, and magazine pictures I'd cut out.  I LOVED, loved creating this.  You can see the full story here.

This time around I wasn't sure what direction to go. I loved my last art journal so much I wanted to be able to experience that same freedom and creativity in my new journal.  However, I wanted more of a book feel, instead of the cardboard pages with holes punched in the top.  That tended to get a bit messy when looking through the journal which is something both Anna Ruth and I do a lot!  

Today I want to show you what I decided to use for my new art journal.  I spent some time yesterday organizing the random bits I had stowed in Ziploc bags in my journaling basket to get fully prepared to jump in with both feet.
 I looked at quite a bit of Project Life supplies and loved almost every bit.  Except for the price tag.  The albums are just so expensive and a bit out of my price range for now.  Instead, I found this album at Target.  It is the perfect size and was found on the office supply aisle.  
I also bought this pack of art supply paper and am going to cut each large sheet of paper in two to fill the binder with.  
 Even though I liked the floral design that was already printed on the three-ring binder I decided to cover the journal in fabric.  I've had my eye on this fabric, designed by Juliana Horner, for a long time at Joanns.  I just couldn't justify the cost of buying a bunch, but yet it was so, so pretty!  So this journal was the perfect reason to buy just a tiny bit.  I hot-glued the fabric to to the journal to fully cover the outside.
Not the most perfect job in the world, but a good enough job.  I'll show you the finished cover after I add a few more embellishments.  
 The next thing I did to prepare for my new journal was organize the things I like to journal with.  I pulled out my most favorite berry basket (EVER) and put Instagram pictures in the front (printed from Walgreens), and all the little random paper bits behind it.  I save almost everything when it comes to paper.  Even the junk mail envelopes, because the clear insert where the address shows through is an interesting feature that can be used for a pocket on your scrapbook page.
 This cute box was one I saved from party supplies at Target.  Good job Target (as always) on including colorful and fun design EVERYWHERE, even on your packaging.  It worked out great for tape and magazine cut-outs I like.  Words, pictures, ideas....
 This jar holds all of the chipboard pieces and tags/labels.

And this green container was perfect for holding the journaling cards I'll be using!

I set all the containers, along with my watercolors, alphabet stamps and stamp pad, all together in this favorite basket of mine.  

And guess what? I've already journaled!  My goal is to journal one page a day, preferably in the morning after I've read my bible. 

This morning I woke up earrrrrly and read my bible, drank some water, and journaled a page before the girls woke up.  And I have to say I was my best self when they woke.  :)  Or at least, as close as possible to my best self before coffee. 

I'll share more of my journaling process soon! 
Are you journaling?
I hope so. 


  1. This is what I'm going to do when Collin graduates and I'm left with time on my hands. Or maybe when he starts driving. Or maybe sooner than that. makes my heart go pitter patter :)

    I love creating!

    1. Go for it Debbie! :) I say tomorrow. It is THAT enjoyable :)


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