Letting in the light (daily joy practices)

 I read a fabulous blog post somewhere recently about darkness and light and depression.   What a way to start my post, right?  No, I'm not depressed.  But yes, darkness tries to chase me down some days.  Lots of days.  It's sneaky, this darkness.  It lurks in between the hundreds of diaper changes, the grey, gloomy weather, the luring smell and taste of Peanut M and M's and just one more unhealthy meal.  It taunts me with guilty and unworthy thoughts. 

The darkness will never leave as long as I'm in this world.  It's especially dark as a parent.  There are a million ways to parent (a million GOOD ways I should add).  Which is fabulous.  But it also means that there are a MILLION ways to feel guilty or not good enough. 
 So darkness and I, we have a relationship.  One that's worth paying attention to.  I refuse to let the darkness chase me down.  The biggest misconception of my blog is that I'm trying to be one of those popular bloggers or that my world is naturally rosy most of the time.  Neither true.  If I want anything to be "popular" on this blog (I really hate that word) it's the message the Jesus is light.  Jesus is love and goodness and holiness and WORTHINESS.  In this world, we'll always have darkness but when you ask Jesus into your life and heart......light is added.  And the purpose of me, my story, and my blog, is to show how to add the light.  Add a little here, a little there. And then repeat. And repeat again.  The more light we add, the less room darkness has to occupy.  

Today I want to share a peek at the light I add daily.  Little snippets of seemingly meaningless things that I look at, think about, read, or enjoy.  When put together, they're not meaningless at all. They're a blanket of light that covers a multitude of dark. 

One way I add joy to my days is by being intentional with the decor in my home.  I want it to speak to me when I walk past, to lighten my load.  This little nook above I created where no one else can even see it (it's in the hallway by our garage).  I have a paragraph written out with what a balanced life looks and feels like for me now hanging on the frame and a couple of magazine pages that speak to how I want my life to look.
 I love a hopeful word and pretty print.
 Art of any kind sends a strobe light across my world. 
Painting, journaling, sewing, photography...
I love it all.
Dates with Brett and dressing up pretty tuck light into spaces in my heart and mind that lasts for DAYS..
 Dressing in joy feels good too!  I am not good at thinking of creative outfits to wear on my own.  So, I'm sharing my secret inspiration wall with you today!  I like to tape up magazine pictures on the back of my closet door to keep me inspired.  Like I'm 13 all over again.  

 My boots, well....enough said. 
Horrible quality picture, but I adore reading.  ADORE it.  Artful Blogging and anything written by Shauna Niequest are my fave. Always.  The other photography books and various DIY magazines are fun reads too! 

(I have a secret-I'll be featured in Artful Blogging this summer!)

 And this. 
It seems popular to want to flee from your family if you're mama to feel recharged. I get that and love it.  BUT, choosing to instill light in my children is the biggest ray of light of all to me. 
Setting a beautiful table and sitting around it with my most favorite people in the world...never gets old.

How do you let in the light? 


  1. You are light!! And, Artful Blogging is like chocolate to me, only sweeter :) Congratulations on getting there. It's a dream of mine.

    God bless you Sara!

    1. Hi friend! Have you seen the new issue of Artful Blogging? It is fabulous! :) Hmm...now you have me thinking about chocolate too. :) Happy almost Monday!

  2. Oh yay! That's great that you're being featured in Artful Blogging. Also, I just adore the Beautiful Mess Photography book. It's so inspiring.

    1. I'm glad you like the book! It is a favorite of mine! I'm wanting to try some of the project ideas inside but just haven't done it yet..
      Have you? Miss seeing you friend!

  3. I am currently memorizing Isaiah 26:3, "You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in You." When I feel the constant accusations of the enemy, I try to repeat this over and over to myself. I need to keep my mind on him, so I don't believe the lies of the enemy :)

    1. I love this verse. I've had seasons in life where I've repeated it in my mind, over and over. :)


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