These girls. 
We've been inside all week long (minus a grocery store trip and doctor's visit) and have had to get EXTRA creative with our time, so as not to climb the walls (almost literally).  So basically that means we've been silly.  I love this little age they're in.  Betsy finds almost everything fascinating and has the attention span of a gnat.  So her days are filled with touching, tasting, and jabbering about everything.  Anna Ruth makes conversation that is close to a grown-up sometimes.  She's so enthusiastic about everything.  I can say "Let's have a dance party!" and she'll respond-"Dance Tarty?!" like I said we were going to Disneyland.  
Sometimes Betsy Grace gets a hold of Anna Ruth's toys, and so long as Anna doesn't notice it's ok.  These two play together well some of the time,
other times they squabble and fuss.  Sharing (when they're so, so close in age) is a learned thing.  A constant lesson for life that we just so happen to be learning constantly at home.  

One of my favorite new parts of our days is when Anna Ruth goes in the craft room with me.  I did this a time or two to give her some special time with just us.  That's all it took to stick.  Since then, every morning after breakfast, she'll slide over to me and sweetly ask to go make art in the craft room.  This day I let her play in the ginormous sink in there, with LOTS of bubbles.

We love looking out the upstairs window at the cows.

Standing and holding onto things to walk....
not walking solo yet. 
(no raining on our baby parade.........I know she's "old" to not be walking)

We're going on Week TWO of being shut in for the most part.  I keep reminding myself that spring will come and I'll look back on this week and want to remember the fun we had.  I might even miss the slow-pace, you never know! 

We've been reading books in our princess tent, playing with blocks and puzzles, making art (lots and lots of art, every kind you can think of!), playing in the sink, taking baths, watching shows (Barney and Curious George), playing the piano, playing hide and seek, having dance parties, looking at old photos, 

and making the sunniest times out of the greyest moments.  

I'll share what keeps sunshine and spring on my mind soon! 


  1. What precious time you're getting with your babies. I miss those days. I still get moments, but they are mixed in with the hectic life of 2 musicians, school, house duties, blogging, and life. It's a whole new level of relationship, but still amazing and beautiful.

    1. Your comment is such a reminder to me to not rush this sweet time of life! Thank-you! :)

  2. What a sweet little braid! About Betsy not walking solo yet... I laugh at the fact that apparently when most of my generation were babies, we were walking at 6, 7, and 8 months... what? really? I don't believe it ;) Love all of your bright colorful pictures!

    1. I don't believe earlier walking is better walking either...but that's because my girls are late, late, LATE walkers, lol :)

    2. You definitely have some cuties to spend those grey days with. They are precious.


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