Treat yourself. With flowers!

 So the original title for this post was "I bought myself flowers" but I almost immediately deleted it.  It sounded like one of those posts where someone complains about their husband's lack of being romantic and decides to buy herself flowers instead. Which is highly hilarious.  My husband is romantic on his own and this post has nothing to do with that! 

It actually has to do with a blog reader whom I've never met.  Debbie, from A Million Skies.  She left a comment on my blog a time or two (yep, I read every single comment at least once and love them!)  and I went to visit her blog.  I found it to be lovely-encouraging, heartfelt, wise, fun, and real.  Someone and something I could really look up to.  And so I kept reading day after day.  I noticed she had some challenges listed for the month of February.  Things having to do with loving ourselves and those around us.  Just my cup of tea.
 One of the challenges this week was to buy yourself flowers.  I agreed with Debbie when she said she never buys them because she is so frugal and they're going to die anyway.  Me too!  Plus we have more wildflowers on the farm than we could ever, ever use in a million years.  So it's just hard to spend money on myself on flowers.  But, it's winter and grey and white and rather blah looking outside right now.  I finally made it to the grocery store today (our first outing all. week. long.) and the girls and I were delighted to pick this bouquet out!
I mean, aren't your spirits lifted just looking at them? 
Mine are! 

So-treat yourself.  With flowers! 
And go check out Debbie's blog to join up with the rest of the challenges!  What fun! 


  1. When I lived in China, there was a flower stand at the door to my apartment building. I bought myself flowers all the time...Thank you for the reminder...I will start again! Jen

    1. A flower stand sounds just least a lot lovelier than picking some out of the bucket at Wal-Mart, lol. But I'll take what I can get! :)

  2. These are lovely! I always say that if I were independently wealthy, I would be surrounded by fresh flowers all the time! Unfortunately, that's definitely not the case. HAHA! My very favorite flowers are tulips, hyacinths, and most spring flowers. It makes me sad that they don't last longer but I sure do enjoy them every spring. Happy weekend, Sara!

    1. I agree, aren't fresh flowers just so pretty and happy?! :) I am aching for spring wildflowers on the farm.....


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