Anna the artist.

Isn't this so fabulously true? 
The quote was found via Pinterest, and quoted by Rainer Maria Rilke.  Image made by me! (I forgot to give credit for the quote-ooops. )

It's no secret around here how much I love to create.  It's not something I do or think about or try to accomplish super-mom status with.  It's not even a big deal to me, like it seems to be to others, my creating.  It just is me.  Art continually abides in my thoughts without me even trying to put the thoughts there.  It runs through my veins. 

It has been one of my greatest joys in life (like ever) to introduce the girls to the wonderful world of art. The world where there can be as many or as little rules as you want.  Where color can take center stage one day, and take a backseat the next.  You are the artist and the choice and plot are totally left in your hands.  I like that.
Anna Ruth is most like her dad and Aunt Jana, personality wise.  She is calm (usually), organized, neat, efficient.  Basically she's everything I'm not. LOL.  BUT, I will say, she loves a good art session.  We "do art" at least once or twice a day.  That can mean completing a seasonal art kit from Hobby Lobby, painting (our fave), coloring, cutting, gluing, taping, collaging...
the list goes on.  The options are endless.  ! 
I like to make projects that I can work along side her with.  Like the letters on the banner above.  She painted the letters and then I attached them to the crepe paper squares.  Win, win.  
After being snowed in and sick for sooooo long we made a trip to Hobby Lobby to stock up on our acrylic paints.  I let Anna Ruth pick some colors and Betsy Grace got to play with the bottles in the cart so she was happy as could be.  This morning while Betsy napped Anna and I snuck into the craft room to paint.  I gave her a plain piece of cardboard and a plain piece of white foam board.  I didn't buy either of these and can't even recall where I got them.  I probably hoarded them from the trash. 
Anna Ruth painted away to her heart's delight.  I let her tell me where she wanted me to "help" and painted with her also.  I wanted this to be an opportunity where she could feel confident to be in charge of her own creative thoughts, without me telling her where to paint, what to paint, etc.

The finished result!  Friends, this was some of the most beautiful art and colors I have ever seen.  And I told Anna Ruth so.  I gave her a few choices of places in the house to display her hard/beautiful work.  Her masterpieces, if you will.
She chose the shelves in the dining room and that's exactly where I was thinking.  I displayed them on the shelf and then carried on about how much I loved them and how beautiful they were.  Anna grinned the most big, proud smile the entire time.  She waited a minute or two and asked me "Who's the artist?"  I pointed to her and said "You are!  Anna is the artist!".  

I have never seen a more proud smile on her face. 

And then she asked me to come here so she could give me a hug and a kiss. 

My day/year/life was made.  This is what I was called to do. 
For now, mama.  I'm loving it.


  1. This makes me smile! I love the picture of your hands together!

    1. Thank-you friend! I got your email about this....I'll write you back soon. :)

  2. Seriously STUNNING photos! The colors are brilliant! And I love the paintbrush pics and her sweet lil' hands! Just precious.

    1. Thank-you Sydnee! I just can't seem to get enough color. I *may* have had to force the hand pic a bit, lol. I can't imagine why a two-year old wouldn't want to pose like a hand model for me?! (haha) But it sure is precious looking at it.


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