Finished: My First Art Journal

Remember how I started the PAGES series and was introducing you to the idea of art journaling? 
Well, I kinda have to apologize because I ran ahead and finished.  I hope I left you standing in your tracks, art journal in hand with your mouth hanging open.  Because that would at least mean you started the art journaling journey TOO and wouldn't that be a fabulous thing?!

But if not, maybe this post will inspire you to jump right in! 

Something unique about my personality is that I love to share.  As soon as I finish a project that I like or even love I immediately want to share it with someone.  Either by giving it to someone, sharing the idea on the blog, or by gathering friends together to give it a try.  Finding that many brave souls to clear schedules and expectations with to share each project hasn't really happened for me yet.  

So today, grab a cup of caffeine and something sweet and let's share, shall we?
 I don't know what it is about art journaling that is so incredibly soothing and relaxing to me.  A perfect Friday night is me, tucked away in my craft room, with easy listening music and visits from Brett, popping in to see what I'm up to.  He is tremendously interested in MY interests.  Sweet man that he is.  
 I used a lot of magazine pages, photographs, paint, tape, and art journaling cards for this particular notebook.
 Some of the journaling cards were left blank, so that I can go back and jot a note down later.  A lot of the pages have my current dreams, realities, hopes, prayers, etc.  for this current phase of life.  

This art journal is a piece of my heart.  It shows exactly who I am, entering 2014.  
I've read thoughtful post after thoughtful post the last few days, beautiful and broken summaries of 2013.   Goals, ideas, words for the year for 2014.  

I always say that photographs say things to me, that words can't. 

These photos are my recap of 2013 and my "hello" to 2014.  
It's going to be a giving year, full of imagination, wonder, surprises, and probably some brokenness.
I'm ready. 


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