And a happy new year to you!

 Hi everybody! 
How are you,
and how was your new years?

I stole a few photos off Brett's phone I wanted to share.  And remember for myself. 
My gals and I were waiting for Brett to load up rocks for our yard and Anna Ruth kept saying "I am cooooold", like we were really torturing her.  (It wasn't that cold, she's just a bit dramatic sometimes).  So I decided we'd go on a little walk and I'd show them we can have fun anywhere, with next to nothing.   We looked at the rocks and found triangles, hearts, and squares.  

Cold complaints gone, magic found.  

 I was wallowing in sadness about taking down the Christmas decor and then New Year's Eve came and I realized I needed to either get on board with the new year or continue to wallow.  Get on board I did.  So we got ourselves ready to celebrate and have little family party. Complete with Smarties (Anna's specific request), party hats, and noisemakers.  Oh, and the verse "See, I am doing a new thing!" and 20 balloons I blew up. 

The next day I woke up and suddenly a clean slate had smacked me over the head. 
I was ready to take down Christmas and meet the new year, head on. 
I'm excited to show you our de-cluttered home decor soon. 
After Brett helps me with a few projects...
And this is my proof I did get to sled once when we had a big snow.  Betsy Grace hates to be away from her mama, as long as I'm in sight, so she wailed the entire time I went down.  But I screamed real loud and had a blast. :) 

How did you ring in your new year? 
Did you make a concrete list of resolutions?
I didn't.  I have more of a heart change resolution instead.
And more on that later.
(If you're interested in a copy of this picture let me know and I can add it to my Etsy Shop!)