Love at first swipe.

Dreamy, vibrant or pastel. 
Dark-hued or light. 
Love at first swipe.
I'm a lover of pretty much any art or creative form.  Sewing, art journaling, collage making, painting, banners.......I'm excited by almost every kind of creative process I can get my hands on.  One day Anna Ruth and I were watercoloring with a Crayola set of paints.  Which work just fine by the way!  You don't need fancy materials to express your creativity. 

And it made me want to paint more.  I let that thought and desire lie dormant for far too long for far too many silly reasons (remember my Internet post?)  

One day at Hobby Lobby I picked up this watercolor kit for $5.99.
 Love at first swipe. 
I think if my thoughts were to have an art form, it would be watercolors. 
I love how dreamy the colors look, going bold (with less water) for the strong emotion days. 
Or, on the soft, whimsical days-more water.  The paints can change with your emotion, mood, or thought you have to express.  I like that.   

I can't wait to experiment more with them and see what else I can make.  So much possibility, so many colors!
I also had fun getting creative with our Christmas packaging this year also.  A big motto, theme, or life goal right now for myself is to stop thinking I always need more.  (The book 7 by Jen Hatmaker ruined me). 

So we had this roll of wrapping paper we've had for the last 2 or 3 years.  A giant roll, like never-ending.  I really didn't want to use it to wrap presents with again, but why would I need to buy more when we already had some?  I decided to challenge myself to wrap each present in the paper and then see how I could customize each one.  

This turned into a very fun project for me and I was pleased with the results! 
Another win for creativity and being frugal.

Even brown bagging it can look cute! 
I clipped together a doily, photograph from my shop, a scrapbook card, and pretty ribbon 
to dress up this plain brown bag, also gifted at Christmas.  

What have you done creatively lately, using what you already had on hand?


  1. Sara, I challenged myself to use things I had on hand to sew the gifts that I made for the grandkids this year.I was surprised at how little I had to purchase to complete 9 projects!

    1. Momma, I truly learned from the best. Love you :)


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