A mini home tour. And a devotion.

The Christmas season came and went, marching it's dazzling self through our calendar pages. 
Along came New Year's right behind, my senses still delighting in the sights and sounds of all the excitement a holiday has to offer. 

And then as I watched the last party streamer march right out of sight and fade from view, 
my heart plunged.  Right down to my toes. 

"She's ready".....I heard whispered.  "Give her a shove, throw open the door!"

I'm not! I shouted-as defiantly as Anna Ruth's two-year old self can be sometimes.

But shove the angels, earth, and calendar did.  Something did. I found myself woken up on New Year's day with an inkling of wonder about the new year.  My heart still filled to overflowing from the previous year, and mostly full of questions for the upcoming one.  

But wondering still.  And so, I decided I wanted my home to reflect my inner home. 
To be tidied up, ready to serve and give, messages scrawled that reflect what God's whispering. 

Declutter, organize, clean out-call it what you will. 
But I want my home to be an offering and sanctuary for God. 
A healing haven. 

These are a few of my favorite pictures of our home so far in 2014. 

I've read thoughtful post after thoughtful post about 2013,
stacks of blog posts with odes to 2014. 
I always say that photographs allow me to say things words can't. 

My hope is that my photos are simply a mirror of my heart for 2014. 


  1. Hi Sara! What a great post! I am in the "Let it go" mode, and rethinking our spaces at home, as well. When I get overwhelmed, I will come back to this post for some inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Cheryl!
      The let it go mode.....that applies to so many more things than just home decor to me right now. Thank-you for the reminder friend! :)


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