Crafty and Crazy...why not?

 Here's a look at some crafty things I've been up to lately......
 getting ready for a brunch with dear, special friends...
hosted in my back yard. 
Because why not put up two saw-horses, some old fence boards, and host a party with my best china?
 I painted a sign for a good friend's birthday.........
why not move forward?
 View of the brunch, so happy to see that it looked how I viewed it in my mind's eye. 
This made my heart leap :)
Am I crazy for leaping at this? Maybe...
 Sign painted for a giveaway I hosted on Sunshine by Sara's facebook page.....
 Cupcake garland........
Lately (ok, so all the time really) my mind is filled with creative, lofty, big ideas for my family, my marriage, our day to day living, and Sunshine by Sara. Sometimes when I hear people comment aloud wondering how I "do it all" it tends to shut down my dreams. I often feel like I'm viewed as a silly, optimistic, naive school girl with my lofty dreams.  Am I crafty and crazy? 

Maybe. :) But why not.  Because really what it comes down to is we all make time for something. As long as God continues to fill my mind with color and wonder, and cause me to stop and look at junk through the eyes of "What if".........I will continue to dream big. To share my dreams with those selected few that "get" me and protect my ideas, not brush them off or excuse them as silly. 

One idea in mind that I'm going to give a good try is the first ever Sunshine by Sara summer sale. 
{Calling all handmade sellers and buyers! Do you make handmade items or do you like to shop handmade? 

Then I'd love for you to join the first ever Sunshine by Sara summer sale! An unforgettable shopping experience hosted at the farm. Message me if you're an interested seller!}


  1. I just love all of your homemade, colorful pieces!


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