Bountiful blooms

A favorite spring activity of ours is visiting our local nursery, Westwood Gardens.  We also make the regular 'ol stop by Lowe's...but it's not quite as special.  
I always leave so amazed at the beautiful colors God blessed us with. 
I like to tell Brett that God could have given us a black and white world......but He chose to give us so much color! 
What a good God. 
I saw this neat truck parked outside Lowe's and asked the man loading it up if I could take a picture of it.  (I wondered if I should be embarrassed doing something like that, but then thought "Who cares!")

The man generously let me take a pic, and even said the other side of the truck had less dents. :) I didn't want to look toooooo crazy so I stuck to the dented side. Can you picture me driving a truck like this, with a whole gaggle of girls? 
This flower was almost too dried out....and someone had safely plopped it in this fountain.
There's a certain grace to it I liked.

Just beautiful! Happiness for the eyes.....
Of course, the beauty of the flowers pale in comparison to these two. 
And my favorite color......this plant came to live with us on the back deck. 

{Do you surround yourself with colorful blooms?}